Princeton 70.3 Half Ironman Training: Week 4

One month down, three to go!

Between the Heartbreak Hill Half weekend and then last weekend’s tri, there was also a decent amount of rest last week so my body could recover.

Monday: I was supposed to do a recovery ride of 40-45 minutes. I had a Junior League meeting after work, so my only time to work out was in the morning, and I just couldn’t get out of bed, so I took the rest.

Tuesday: I had some ride credits, so I took Robin’s class at Peloton, and I loved her energy!

Wednesday: This swim workout was called “Open Water Swim Practice in the Pool,” and it focused on endurance, rather than speed. 14 lap warmup, 20 laps, 4 x 8 laps (race pace). I felt pretty awesome after this workout.


Thursday: SLT with Liz. Thursday was supposed to be a rest day, but I swapped that with Friday. Ow.

Friday: Rest day. My coach had a 45-minute bike + 15-20 minute run planned but I’d had to do that SLT class the day before for an upcoming post, so I took Friday as a rest day instead.


Saturday: That little tri thing.

Sunday: 40-minute recovery ride. My legs still felt sluggish as hell.

I’ve had a lot of races lately, and the not-so-great tri really messed with my head about the upcoming 70.3, so my coach gave me a week of doing whatever I wanted this week before getting hardcore into training next week…so it’s off to Ninja Fitness Camp! Duh.

9 comments on “Princeton 70.3 Half Ironman Training: Week 4

  1. Ash Bear

    It’s funny how what is a bad race for one person can serve as HUGE inspiration to another. You’re still my rockstar whether it’s as a friend, running, or doing that tri thing! 😉

  2. jillian

    races are so mental — i like that you have a week to do what you want — that should help!

    also, I saw on instagram that you went to the Oakley event with Karena & Katrina to do an interview? I’m a tone it up girl, and would love to read your post — but I can’t find it. Is it up? 🙂

  3. Katie

    Enjoy your freedom week!! I wouldn’t let that tri get you down, I really think your body just hadn’t recovered from the half. But selfishly, its good to know that other people have off races.

  4. Traci @ heytrace!

    Dem guns are looking good, Theodora! I totally agree with Katie – for those of us who are just starting out, even your “bad” races are inspirational, knowing that even long-time athletes have not-so-great races and workouts. You’ll kill it on the Ironman!


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