Things I’m Excited For: July Fun

Every once in a while, a month holds so much promise and excitement, I can’t help but tell you how excited I am for those upcoming 28-31 days. This month promises to be extra awesome.

Firecracker 5K Governors Island

July 4: Firecracker 5K on Governors Island. Because nothing says America like taking a subway, to waiting in line to getting on a boat to leave one island to run on another for less than the time it takes to get to the boat. No, really, it will be fun.

BBQs. Eating as much watermelon as I can.

July 9: Company retreat. I sorta love my job and my coworkers, so I’m legit psyched for a chance for us to hang out outside the office and be uber-competitive and play games. 


Bears not included, sadly.

July 11-13: Hamptons! I was supposed to go to France this summer, but it ended up not working out, so I’m doing a few weekends of a summer share out there. (If I ever say “out East,” you have full permission to slap me.) I plan on it being a ridiculous amount of fun.

July 20: I’m just going to go swim in the Atlantic for some open-water swim practice with JackRabbit. I need it. It’s a clinic, so we will be learning all sorts of valuable skills, most importantly, how to stay relaxed in the water. I’m not the best swimmer, but I know I can physically do the distance. But throw me in the open water, and my heart rate escalates. Which…can’t be good for my time. Or, you know, staying calm for the next 5+ hours of my race.

July 26: Savannah! I can’t wait to go down for Fitbloggin’ and to see Ashley! I still maintain that Geneva is dumb.

Tell me about your July plans. And open water swimming tips. 

12 comments on “Things I’m Excited For: July Fun

  1. Ash Bear

    I can’t wait to see you! Why aren’t we repeating last 4th of July again? *sigh*

    I have my first open water swim on Sunday! We will exchange tips, if I don’t have a melt down. 🙂

  2. Jillian

    I’m excited for family to visit for the 4th, to go visit my Godson for his 2nd birthday the following weekend, and just to (FINALLY) enjoy some beautiful weather in New England.

    For open water swims, I think it’s important to get into a rhythm — if singing a song in your head doesn’t work, almost just thinking of it like a metronome or counting, stroke after stroke. Also, just taking it one buoy at a time instead of thinking of the whole, complete distance helps!

  3. Gianna @ Run, Lift, Repeat

    LOL at your comment on the 5K – I was contemplating doing it but then was like waiiiiit a minute. Logistics of this seriously suck. Sitting it out for an Uplift class instead (and going to work, because I loooooove to work).

    I have a million and one engagements, baptisms, showers, and weddings this summer. Never. Ending.


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