It’s Friday night and I’m having a wild evening of sipping on this, leafing through all of the September issues and watching the U.S. Open.

Earlier in the summer, I’d decided not to go away for Memorial Day and Labor Day and got bored and lonely and regretted those decisions, but I’m more than okay with being around this weekend. I woke up with a sore throat this morning, so I’m definitely coming down with something. After a few late nights this week (/month/summer), my body is telling me to slow the eff down. Duly noted, body, duly noted.

Let’s just do a little Friday chatting, eh?

Highlights of the Week:

– A random Tuesday night that found me happily sitting on my couch until a friend texted that she was at the Union League Club with my favorite wine, Babich. (Oh, and some cute guys.) Which turned into a trip to the Metropolitan Club. Which turned into a trip to a fancy bar that I can’t remember the name of. It’s not every day I go to private clubs and fancy bars, but when I do, it’s epic. And on nights when I should be in bed, clearly…

– Last night, going out to see Lacey’s wedding band, and dancing like we were 22.

– A midday run with my coworker, Tamara, yesterday.


Necklace / Glasses / Shoes

– A damn good StitchFix box. (< referral link)

The dress and jacket are definite, definite keepers. (Photo bomber in the background = my coworker Joanna, who also moonlights as a stylist. Hey, remember when I had a stylist come in to my apt?)


– Hitting a MAJOR goal at work this week. Our editorial site is just over a year old, and we’ve grown exponentially. It’s really exciting to be a part of that.

Looking Forward To:

– THE U.S. OPEN ON MONDAY NIGHT!!! I rarely pay attention to sale emails any more for the good of my credit card, but I happened to see a Gilt offer yesterday for U.S. Open tickets, and I was on it like white. on. rice.

– The NYJL year starting again. I have a much smaller role than I’ve had in four years, so I’m really excited and refreshed to teach our new volunteers all about the organization. Those poor, impressionable young women…

Iron Girl Sandy Hook. I got a last-minute offer to get a bib, and I’m super excited for this short, fun race. Beach triathlon = one more beach weekend!

Reach the Beach. It may never be as epic as 2012, but it should be damn good.

Not Looking Forward To

This girl moving.

Summer ending.


CoSchedule: it’s an editorial calendar tool I learned about through Katy, of course, and I really like it. As I’m hitting publish, I can just go in and schedule my social media posts for this post. As someone who does the social medias all day, not having to log in to one more site when I blog is nice. (At work, I use SproutSocial, which I really like, but this is just one click easier…)

Watching the U.S. Open. I canceled cable because I really don’t watch TV, and I’ve been attempting to stream it from my iPad to my TV with my AppleTV… I honestly can’t say the process has gone super smoothly but it’s cool that it’s an option.

Thinking About

Tri clubs! I want to get better/more comfortable triathlon-ing – and have fun! I’ve been emailing some different friends/online stalkees about their tri clubs and will probably give some teams’ workouts a try soon.

Biking. I worked on an article for work this week about biking, and I’m determined to get over my fears and also learn more of the stuff (i.e. basic bike repair) that makes me a total dumb blond on the bike. Which will also include taking a bike maintenance class at some point.

Labor Day Sales

While I may just freeze my credit card in a block of ice after probably contributing to the rosé shortage, looking is free, and there’s some awesome sales this weekend:

C. Wonder: 30% off site-wide, 50% off sale items! (Always a good time to stock up on my fave cardigan.)

Sephora: Up to 75% off certain items on site. (Sadly, this does not include the straightener I’ve had for 9 years that appears to be on its last legs.)

J. Crew: 40% off with code WEEKEND (40-60% off Factory!)

Madewell: 20% off dresses/boots; 30% off with code YESYES (best code ever or best code ever?)

Victoria’s Secret: 7 cute lace thongs for $27. I went to order these and the shipping is something like $11, but the deal is in-store, too.

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