Using Music to Beat Your Impossible

This post is sponsored by Jabra. All opinions and cheesy playlists are my own, though.

For a long time, I DID NOT listen to music while running. I preferred to listen to the sound of my breath and take in my surroundings and work through things in my head.

Last year, there was a whole lot going on, and I didn’t want to be left alone with my thoughts. I started listening to podcasts and music while running. I have to give a shoutout to Mary for introducing me to the wonders of one Ms. Taylor Swift while working out. T-Swift also got me through the swim of a tri last year. (Sidenote: Cassey from Blogilates freaking MET her the other day. I am insanely jealous.) I started really learning the power of working out to music and pushing myself harder than I thought I could.

I typically love to listen to my fave instructors’ Spotify playlists, because I know they put a lot of work into picking out their favorite jams for us to work out to, but here’s some of my favorite jams to rock out to when I run, or if I ever had to get on one of those awful cardio machines at the gym. Warning: you will find zero new music on here because I am not cool, but you will find lots of high-energy music to keep you motivated.

Jabra’s just come out with these headphones that look really cool. The Sport Pulse Wireless Headphones are completely wireless AND have a heart rate monitor built into the ear.

Jabra Pulse Wireless Headphone

I keep trying to get into heart rate training, but hate the feeling of a band around my chest. With these babies, you can turn ’em on, put your phone in your pocket and get moving without a heart monitor choking you or getting all tangled up in wires. (99.4% of my music malfunctions while running are related to tangled wires.) The headphones also come with an app with workouts you can follow — or it lets you design your own!

What’s your favorite song to rock out to while you work out?

7 comments on “Using Music to Beat Your Impossible

  1. Ellen @ Wannabe Health Nut

    The only music that gets me through a tough workout is rap. The more gangster the better. I have Rick Ross, Eminem and Lil Wayne to thank for my best treadmill runs. 🙂 However, when I need to get in the zone at work, I listen to Taylor Swift on repeat and keep my fingers crossed that none of my co-workers notices when they come by my desk!

  2. Katie

    I’m loving “revolution” by diplo. Its a great song to run to, but I’ve got it at the end of yoga sculpt right now, and its a great song to finish with. It makes you want to leave it all on your mat.


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