We Reached the Beach!

I’m still incredibly sleep deprived, but I wanted to pop in and say hi and let you know we reached the beach! 

Reach the Beach NH

New Balance Team Pumped Up Kicks Reach the Beach

Love these ladies!

Since Wednesday, I have gone from NYC to Boston to NH back to Boston to NYC. I’m going to go become reacquainted with my bed, but you know I’ll be back with recaps this week!

In the meantime, thank you so so much to my New Balance buddies for sponsoring our adventures. From some awesome gear to covering our race fees and van rentals and all of our travel, they truly went above and beyond. And with smiles the entire time. Thank you so much, Mary and Caitlin! 

One comment on “We Reached the Beach!

  1. Melissa Burton

    Can’t wait to read your take. You had some crazy terrain!

    Sorry we didn’t get the chance to chat more but it was good to finally meet you in person!

    Now if I can get myself back on PST time, I’d be golden!


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