What’s On the Menu? What’s Off the Menu?

I am participating in a sponsored campaign for Beano. I received Beano products and compensation in exchange for my participation. The opinions stated here are my own.

We talked a few weeks ago about what was off the menu for me. Namely, dairy, raw veggies and spicy foods. Now, while probiotics have helped immensely, and I’ve actually been able to enjoy salad for lunch lately sometimes like a normal desk warrior, dairy AND raw veggies remains hit or miss.

Beano challenged me to try their Beano+ Dairy Defense product, to see if it’d help me feel better. Game on.

Dig Inn Buckwheat + Meatballs = yum

We get catered lunch several days a week from Dig Inn, and their delicious, healthy fibrous food can sometimes just be a little much for my delicate flower stomach. I decided to try it on this day when we had meatballs (YUM), bulgur and kale. The natural enzymes in the tablets target both complex carbohydrates (the ones that are good for you, but whose fiber content can sometimes be too much) and dairy.

Although we don’t talk about it (uh, unless we’re runners, and all bets are off), a recent survey by Beano found that more than 70 million Americans suffer from some kind of digestive issue and 75 percent of female respondents in this same survey said they’d had problems with vegetables, beans, whole grains and dairy from time to time.


So I decided to challenge it further with some dairy.


I scream, you scream, we all scream...for Red Mango and Beano?

Though fro-yo is lower in lactose, it still gives me trouble sometimes, and I prefer for it to be a private treat rather than a treat with friends in case it upsets my stomach, unfortunately.

BUT IT WORKED! I felt a-okay afterwards. Is this for the best? That I can eat all the fro-yo I want with a side of Beano? Unclear, but it’s nice to know that it’s an option available to me. In all seriousness, I typically try to avoid the foods that don’t make me feel my best, but it’s nice to have the possibility of having some of these foods when I really want them.


I know I’m not the only one with digestive issues, so I gots some Beano for ya!

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28 comments on “What’s On the Menu? What’s Off the Menu?

  1. Elizabeth

    For me moderation of EVERYTHING continues to be the key – not too much of carbs, veggies, meat, etc. I ate too much bacon the other day and paid for that!

  2. Samantha B.

    I am still trying to figure out what exactly upsets my stomach, but man, it really sucks when it happens. So far I know that broccoli and anything fried/greasy definitely will cause trouble. I have never tried any kind of product like Beano before, so I’d be interested to know if it helps me at all! Good luck to you! Thanks for sharing an awesome blog with the world 🙂

  3. Maryz

    Any kind of bean or legume really gives me problems. Along with some raw veggies. Luckily, dairy is no problem for me.

  4. Kayla

    Dairy and my belly do not get along. I would love to eat Indian food without a terrible belly ache after because it’s my favorite kind of cuisine.

  5. Farah

    I’d be interested to try the Beano…Dairy and beans do a number on my stomach too. And Brussels sprouts and I had to break up for good:( They just caused too much pain last time I ate them so sadly they are no longer a part of my life….but I”d rekindle that love affair if the Beano helps 🙂

  6. Sarah

    As I’ve hit my 30s, I’ve noticed that I have to be moderate with raw veggies and legumes… Thankfully no dairy issues.


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