I’ve Come a Long Way, Baby

The other day, I talked about taking a private swim class with my coworkers. (Which was awesome!)

Over the summer at our company retreat, there were a few opportunities for pool-time: both the late-night post-karaoke kind and the in-bright-daylight time. Both times I suited up, sucked in a bit (let’s be real here) and jumped right in.

Several years ago, I never would have done that. I avoided the rooftop pool at my building because I thought people — people I didn’t even know! — would be staring at me. I doubt they were. They either had their own issues or, WEIRD, were just enjoying the pool.

As I put my swimsuit under my clothes on Friday, I thought how far I’d come in these few years. That I work at a fitness company, so it’s no big deal to wear a swimsuit around my coworkers. That I am fit, and know I can swim moderately long distances.

That I even work at a fitness company.

My one year is coming up at work next week, and I can’t help but be a little introspective when I think about this. When I realize how freaking happy I am now; and that it was partly (a big part) the job and amazing and supportive coworkers and a lot of self-growth that I’d done to get to a place where I could accept that and embrace it and enjoy it and not be worried that the other shoe would drop.

This week before vacation is so busy at work. I’m doing my regular work, plus trying to plan out the social media content for while I’m gone, plus a few random events coming up at work (if you’re in NYC, watch my Twitter tomorrow…). I’m a little stressed. But a coworker walked in from a yoga class today and said that she’d set her intention to not be a big ole ball of stress this week, and I decided I’d do the same. I’m busy, but I get to work at a job I love where I get to go to interesting events, and I get to go to Europe on vacation. This week will be busy, but then I will be in Switzerland!

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