This post is brought to you by germs in my head and even less of a filter than usual. All ramblings, unfortunately, are my own.

It’s Monday, and I’m snuggled up on my couch nursing a cold. I saw my parents yesterday, and they both had bronchitis, so I’m hoping and praying this doesn’t turn into that.

BECAUSE I’M GOING TO SWITZERLAND NEXT WEEK! (And Italy the week after that.)

A few weeks ago, I searched for Geneva on Pinterest, found this picture, and told Ashley I want to go to there.

Castle Chillon GenevaPhoto via

I don’t know if we’ll actually go, but these are the kinds of pretty things I can see in a little over a week, so that’s good motivation to park my ass on my couch as much as possible and take care of myself.

I am probably sick because I stayed out until 2:30am on Friday singing karaoke with coworkers…and then went to run club/brunch club in the rain. We ditched the run because it was pouring, but I still ran .5 miles to brunch, sat there in sorta wet clothes, ran a mile back to the subway and sat on the subway in cold, wet clothes. You’d think I’d know better…

Yesterday, I went out to my storage unit parents’ house in NJ to bring back some fall clothes/log some family time.


Lobster PJ pants Vineyard Vines

We also went up to Woodbury, and I picked up a few fall things including these Vineyard Vines lobster PJ pants. My mom got me a few pairs of VV PJ pants and shorts a few years ago, and they are amazing. I generally prefer sweats/yoga pants over actual PJ pants, but these get so soft and comfy…AND HI, LOBSTERS.

Speaking of lobsters, should Bailey be a lobster or a banana for Halloween? Please vote in the comments.


Fall’s here, and it’s time to give our kitchens some serious attention! We’ve teamed up with our buddies @freshdirect to bring you tips on the best in-season foods, recipe inspiration AND a chance to win a one-year subscription to DailyBurn + a FreshDirect box. All you need to do: post photos of your killer home-cooking chops, including #HomeCookHero @freshdirect @dailyburn in the caption. Full details and rules at #linkinprofile. Let’s get cooking!

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Semi-tangentially related to lobsters? Remember how I threw a lobster party with Fresh Direct? Well, we’re also collaborating with them at work on a fun promotion to encourage people to cook healthy meals at home this fall…and win prizes from DailyBurn AND FreshDirect. Browsing the hashtag, I’m already so inspired to get busy in the kitchen as soon as I’m feeling better. I’m already seeing so many easy, healthy meals.

 So, 1. tell me if Bailey should be a lobster or banana for Halloween; 2. tell me (or just go Instagram it!) your favorite fast, healthy home-cooked meal. 


11 comments on “Monday

  1. Kristine

    That fact that you also have a “storage unit” aka your parent’s house makes me very happy. I’m making an identical trek tomorrow to get my fall clothes and retire summer clothes. My mom calls their house my “extended closet”. Sorry you don’t have spaces big enough for me SF. Also WE ARE GOING TO BE IN EUROPE AT THE SAME TIME. You guys should probably come to London. It will be really fun. And well… ACCENTS. Just do it. OK otherwise I’ll see you in NYC in like 3 weeks. Can we go running and go to Soul and drink all the wine? That would be preferable.

    Bailey should 100% be a lobster. He was born for this.

  2. Kathy

    Banana! Although if you google corgi bus costume, you may rethink (he would be the non-corgi driver…or actually I guess he would be the bus but it’s hysterical and adorable. Otherwise, I’m team banana)

    My fave go to fast homemade meal these days is: brown rice with sautéed spinach, tuna and feta topped with a little vinaigrette and avocado slices


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