Enjoying the Journey

Happy Sunday, y’all!

I have not left my apartment today, and it has been GLORIOUS and much-needed. For the several weeks leading up to my trip, I was working a ton and I’ve been super busy since I’ve been back. I don’t remember the last time I had a day like this, and good lord was it restorative.

Yesterday, I led a walking tour for my Junior League provisional girls around the Lower East Side. (This year, I’m a provisional trainer, which means I train our new members.) At night, I attended our Junior League Fall Fete, a charity auction. This is the first time I was able to attend with zero responsibility—in previous years, I was either actively checking in/escorting press, or kind of on call for the members who were volunteering. And it was awesome to have zero responsibility.

I got my dress from Rent the Runway (<– referral link, but we each get $20 if you sign up), which has never steered me wrong. A friend asked about it this morning, and I told her that the key is to read the reviews really carefully and look for women with similar body types. To find this dress, I think I selected “full bust” when I was searching, since that’s where a dress typically does or doesn’t fit me.

I was super down in the dumps all last week, and was emailing with a friend and telling her I was feeling a little lost. She reminded me that I was the type that was always going to be pushing myself to be better, faster, etc. I’ve trained hard for big goal races, I took on a big volunteer role, I spent years trying to make a name for myself with my career and my blog. Earlier this year, when that volunteer role ended, I spent some time thinking about my priorities. I don’t currently have any big goals I’m working towards (other than attempting to kick ass at work), and I am enjoying the journey.

I don’t need to push myself to do more with Junior League, I don’t need to try to grow this blog or to get more and better deals and sponsorships (although hi if you want to, click here), and I’m happy to not be looking for a better job, like I spent so much of the last few years doing. I’m just doing me over here, and I’m pretty okay with it.

P.S. I’m currently reading Amy Poehler’s book, and I’m freaking obsessed with it.

This upcoming week, I’m super excited/terrified to try the Mile High Run Club and take a little more down time where I can.

Y tu? Enjoying the journey or pushing for a big goal?

12 comments on “Enjoying the Journey

  1. Katie

    I’m definitely goal focus/thrive on a schedule. Right now I’m coaching the high school dance teams, so that keeps me busy. But I was having a discussion with my manager and it sounds like I may need to be looking for a new job this spring/summer , if the owner decides to sell/retire. So now my brain has been working overtime this weekend, which is silly, because its only a maybe. I think its great that you’re having this free time to enjoy life. When the next big goal comes you’re way you can dive in without giving up commitments!

  2. Tracy Schwartz

    I was laid off at the beginning of the week and made a big decision to move home to live with my dad in NJ until I figure things out. I have always been goal oriented and on the go and this has been bringing my anxiety to a full head. So that is all happening in the next two weeks and then the whole holiday season…..Not enjoying the journey quiet yet but “Everything Happens for a Reason” and I will bounce back! Lucky to have such a supportive family and friends!

  3. Deana

    I have been in an odd “life place” for the past 2 years since we moved to MA. Still unable to find a gym that feels like home. Suffering an injury training for my 50 mi ultra, has been devastating. So glad you feel happy with where you are at this time. I hope to get there.

  4. Joy

    Good for you getting to a place where you can enjoy the journey! Even if you need a reminder now and then 😉
    I’m working towards a big goal (that a year ago wouldn’t have been anything but the past year has torn me down). I’m training for the Disney half in January (I’m 10 days off crutches after being on them for 8 months) I know I’ll be walking it while my friends run BUT they’ve promised to come back for me 🙂 and right now this is enough… Running will come, hopefully.

  5. Asha Lee

    I definitely agree with you. Sometimes you just have to sit back and enjoy the journey. It is great to push for goals, but going through the journey is part of getting there. I all too often forget that.

  6. Kristen W.

    Longtime reader, first time commenter – It’s hard to slow down and find a manageable yet active pace w/ work and social commitments. You rock – and by the way the bangs totally suit you. Love them!


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