NYC Marathon Spectating

Yesterday was the first time I spent the NYC Marathon on the sidelines watching since I first ran it in 2011, and I had the best possible day I could as a spectator.


I started the day off with a 3-mile run of my own, kind of thankful in that wind that I wasn’t running myself, but still a little nostalgic and wistful.

I made my way up to 88th and 1st to watch with my friend Heather. We stayed out there just long enough to see the elites pass, which was really cool. MEB!!!

Then, we made it over to the park, where we also saw the elite men cross the finish line.

NYC Marathon Spectating

But first, a selfie.


After that, we headed into the Blue Line Finish Lounge, where we ran into Jen! Thank you to Mary from New Balance for hooking me up with these tickets.


I look like a Michelin man in my puffy coat, so let’s go with a pic of Heather inside the lounge, which was such a fun place to watch from. It was nice and warm and they had a giant screen where you could watch the race. And maybe a little bubbly. We stayed in there until it closed, and then headed over to Cafe Tallulah, where I celebrated last year, to wait for some of our friends who’d run.


Congrats to Karen on your first marathon! You rock.

I went to sleep last night happy for a fun day celebrating friends, NYC and running. But enough time on the sidelines. I’ll be back next year.

11 comments on “NYC Marathon Spectating

  1. Betsy

    I know you didn’t get full bangs on purpose, but they really look great on you. You’re making me want to cut my side swept bangs into real bangs!

  2. Shawna

    the bangs look adorable. i missed marathon spectating b/c my bro turned 30, so i was out of town for the weekend, but i always enjoy that day down in the city. looks like you had a great day.


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