Do You Work Out While Sick?

Happy Holidays! How was your Christmas, if you celebrate it?

Mine was lovely. Christmas Eve, we spent at my cousin’s house, so that the little muffin could be in bed early so Santa could come.


Ugly sweater party, population: 1.

Actual Christmas Day was just me and my parents, opening presents, eating steak and watching Elf. I have seen this movie approximately one gazillion times, yet it was only last night that I discovered the Infinifilm, behind-the-scenes features. I’d been wondering how they’d filmed a lot of the scenes, especially the NYC ones, and LOVED the commentary. For example, in the scene where Buddy takes Jovie ice-skating, the camera crew is also on ice skates in Rockefeller Center. I can barely make it around with nothing in my hands, so mad props to them.

But back to the workouts. I’ve had a crappy lingering cold since early last week and haven’t had a ton of energy and have felt really congested so have been laying low on the workout front. Since trying Black Fire last Monday? Tuesday? I hadn’t done anything, and I was totally okay with that. I was saving the energy I did have for the holiday celebrations I couldn’t miss — my own cookie swap and our work Christmas party.

By Wednesday morning, I’d decided I was feeling okay enough to work out and knew if I didn’t get it in before my mom picked me up for the holidays, I wouldn’t once I got home and we got to doing Christmas-y stuff, so I booked a class at Peloton through ClassPass with Robin. I generally dislike spin classes that show your metrics on the screen (because I suck at spinning/biking), and I was still feeling a little blah, so I resigned myself to taking it kind of easy, but I ended up pushing harder than I expected and sweat some of the sick out and left with that endorphin high that had gone missing. Robin has an electrical energy, and I was so happy to be working out after feeling sick for a week. That she ended with All I Want for Christmas is You…on Christmas Eve was a serious bonus.

After pancakes and bacon for breakfast yesterday, I fell back asleep for another two hours. Still sick? Carb and fat overload? Unclear, but either way, I felt like I needed to get some movement in, so I tried another Black Fire workout — Weighted Tabata. Take this with a grain of salt because I also really like burpees, but I LOVE tabatas. Yes, they’re a little hellish, but 20 seconds of hell is really easy to push through mentally. (Even if you do it eight times.) The one thing I don’t like about our DailyBurn workouts is the countdown clock (I just stare at it, no matter how much I like the workout), but I was working too hard to notice it during this workout, so A+++, Bob.

I woke up feeling kind of crappy again this morning, so maybe I pushed myself too hard. There’s all these rules and guides to when you should work out while sick, but I think you gotta do you. Work out if you feel up to it, rest if you need to. Or maybe do something lower-intensity. (As in, maybe I should have just gone for a long walk instead of pushing through a CrossFit-style workout.)

Y tu? How was your Christmas? Do you work out when sick?


11 comments on “Do You Work Out While Sick?

  1. laurie

    The Dove ad is making your blog nearly impossible to read. It makes it so you can’t click on older posts and if you even mouse over it, it opens. And there is no way to close it. Ugh. Thought I’d let you know!

    Merry Christmas!

  2. Carrie Skoll

    I agree – what works for one doesn’t always work for another – but listening to your body is a good thing. I’ve heard that workouts will boost your immune system and help fight off whatever it is. But, maybe a seriously intense workout will overdo things.

    Hope you’re feeling better.

  3. Sara @ Lake Shore Runner

    I love the – “You gotta do you” comment! Working out while sick word for me. I like to sweat it out. For others, it might not be the best thing. I find when I keep with my workouts I don’t allow myself to get sick. There are obviously certain circumstances depending on the level of sickness. I haven’t been real real sick in a few years [knock on wood]. Feel better!

    Looks like you had a wonderful christmas! Love the ugly sweater vest!

  4. Katie @ Talk Less, Say More

    For me it definitely depends on how I’m feeling. Sometimes when I’m sick it’s not appropriate for me to workout, at least for awhile, but usually if it’s just a cold, I find that working out helps sweat out a lot of the crap. But like you said, you gotta do YOU.

  5. KaTie

    ive been battling a lingering cold too. I skipped most workouts, but some version of sweating can make me feel a bit better. Except now I really want to nap every afternoon.

  6. Nicole

    I wasn’t 100% for the last week but still got out for a few walks with the pups and did some gentle yoga. It helped me relax and feel a bit better.


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