Lately, I’ve been in a bit of a life funk, which has led to a blogging funk, for sure.

But I’m working on some influencer/blogger stuff at work, and I’ve been checking out lots of sites and having conversations with people who really believe in their work, which is really inspiring. I talked with Christine from NYC Pretty yesterday, and I would just like to have a quarter of her energy, thank you.

Some other things inspiring me lately:

  • I had a long chat with my friend Sarah at an event last night. She’s an incredibly prolific and gifted writer and just all-around good person, and it was an energizing chat.
  • The Path, a meditation startup. I met with the founder, Dina, a few years ago about a potential job opening for her company then, and I remember her talking about meditating in the morning. Fast forward a few years, and I read her Cult of Busy piece on Medium recently and discovered her new meditation group. I am going Monday morning, and I cannot freaking wait.
  • I wrote a piece for work on treadmill studios for work and tried out a few in the pursuit of the story. One of those was Mile High, and I found this piece the founder, Debora Warner, wrote on the process of founding it.
  • I loved this piece on the work best friend. I’m really lucky to love my entire team at work and it makes all the difference.
  • The other night, I went to Well + Good’s 2015 Fitness Trends release party. I met Melisse and Alexia at a client event a few years ago when the site had just launched, and it’s inspiring to see what’s come of it since then. Working in the fitness industry, none of these trends were particularly new to me, but being in that room with like-minded health and fitness people reaffirmed how much I love what I do, and that I’m happy to be doing a little part of helping people live healthier lives.
  • Also, Katy. She is a fabulous friend and person and I believe she somehow gets more than the 24 hours in a day the rest of us get.

What’s inspiring you lately?

4 comments on “Inspiration

  1. Casey

    Hi Theodora!

    Long time reader here. Sorry to hear you’re in a funk! I’m in a bit of a funk myself and am really hoping the holidays/a nice, long break from work can zap me out of it. I’m actually coming to NYC for a few days to visit a friend (over my glorious 10 day holiday break!) and was wondering which workout you suggest I take on?! I’m definitely hoping to stop in at least one studio for a workout class but have heard so many mentioned from bloggers that I can’t choose! I’m a runner too and intrigued by the Mile High Run Club but not sure if I want to suffer through treadmill intervals for $34 🙂 SO! if you had to choose 1 class at 1 studio…what would it be?!

    Thanks and have a great weekend!

    1. katie

      @Casey: You want to go to Uplift!!!!! They used to have a new student special where you could take 2 classes for the price of one. When I visited NYC in May I also went to Soul Cycle as those aren’t available to me in MN. I also liked that experience.

      Theodora, take care dear! This is a tough time of the year and its easy to get burnt out. But I always ask myself, will being around people lift me up, or will my couch bring me down? Sometimes you need to be alone and relax, but other times being around people breathes some life into you. Do what feels right, and don’t worry about the choice after you choose.


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