I am the farthest you’ll get from a fashion blogger, but with a blog name like Preppy Runner, I’d be remiss not to discuss two major things happening in my little pink-and-green world.

Let’s start with the good, shall we?

My cell phone came pretty damn near close to blowing up yesterday as almost everyone I know alerted me through texts, Instagram, emails and Facebook that Lilly Pulitzer was collaborating with Target.

Lilly Pulitzer for Target


If you’ve read this blog more than a hot second, you know I have a minor obsession with Lilly and have since college. I love the vibrant hues of the dresses and stores, and I read Lilly’s bio a few years ago when I was interviewing to work for the company and was really into her irreverent sense of playing by her own rules. 

And because I am a human being on this earth, I also love Target and what they’ve done for the fashion industry with their collaborations, making more expensive clothing available at a lower price point.

Which means I am already deciding which is the best Target to be at on April 19 (no really, northern NJ people — which is the best one for these kind of collabs? Obviously I’m not going to do this in the city) to get my paws on Lilly for Target. Refinery 29 reports that the capsule will include 250! items, including housewares and accessories, with 200 of those items priced at $30 or less. AND the collection will also include plus-sized items. When I was overweight, I topped out at a 14-16 and was really disappointed I couldn’t fit into my favorite dresses.


In less happy fashion news…

C Wonder at The Westchester Image 1


Another one of my favorite brands, C. Wonder, is going under. (Rhyming unintentional.) It was first reported in December that just most of their stores would be closing, but, in fact, the entire brand is done. As fast fashion goes, I get a little twitchy and overwhelmed walking into an H&M or Zara, but I felt a little more at home among the bright colors in C. Wonder and knew everything would go on sale basically immediately.

What this means for you? Everything will be on massive sale as they close shop.

Some of my favorites: this necklace, this sweater, these earrings, any of these novelty smoking slippers.

What’s your favorite brand that you hope collaborates with Target one day? What about the brand you’re sad no longer exists?

13 comments on “#notafashionblogger…but

  1. Sabrina

    I loved Target’s collaboration with Tom’s, but I thought there could have been another choice or two for shoes. At least stores in my area only had one style, and I thought it was sort of ugly. Excited to see with they do with Lily!

  2. Shawna

    i’m not into Lilly P personally, but i agree with you on how fab Target is with these collabs. i’d love Target to team up with some sweet workout lines and sell their products for more affordable prices!

  3. elizabeth e

    I’m so excited about the Lilly collab! My roommate and I are already planning to do Target + brunch that day. Its so considerate that the collection is being released on a Sunday.

  4. Katie

    Checking out C Wonder immediately (and don’t look at my most recent post about closet hoarding…) the good thing about living in northern MN, there will be zero lines for the Lilly collection. let me know if there’s something you’re dying for that you can’t find in NY/NJ.

  5. Sara @ Lake Shore Runner

    This just absolutely made my day!! Marking it in my Lilly agenda now 🙂

    I am so sad about C. Wonder. I had another C Wonder filled Christmas this year. I carried my C. Wonder purse to work today to honor the store 🙁 RIP

  6. Laura

    You know I’m NOT a fashion blogger, so can you explain to me if you have to go in person the day it launches? (If so, I’m prob too lazy.) I pretty much get all my Target stuff either online or as an impulse buy if I’m there for something else… do these collaborations tend to sell out?

    1. Theodora Blanchfield Post author

      Yeah, most of the decent ones sell out basically immediately — and I think the Lilly one will probably be really popular. They’re usually online but sell out really quickly online too. I feel like there’s a better chance of getting stuff in person, though.

  7. Lauren @ Beautiful Plant-Based Life

    I was psyched about the Liberty of London collaboration. I remember seeing commercials and wanting EVERYTHING that was coming to Target at that time. So much press, not so much stock. Unfortunately, I didn’t snag a single item! You need to act fast and smart. Good luck with the Lilly-palooza. 😉

  8. Emily

    Love the Target collabs. Great prices and brands that some people may not normally be able to afford. Also, Lily P’s fitness stuff is actually quite fun and funky for any style!


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