Things I’m Loving Friday

It’s Friday night, and I just got home from a wild night at the gym, and now I’m blogging.

YOLO, y’all, YOLO. 

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Also, yuck. Please take me back to Puerto Rico.

Speaking of Puerto Rico, that’s a good place to kick off this things I’m lovin’ post.

Wine Sippy Cup


Let me repeat, WINE SIPPY CUPS. When we all arrived in Puerto Rico, Lacey, also known as the best bride ever, had sweet little goodie bags waiting for us with these cups in them. They were perfect for when we were out on the boat and it started raining. We just hopped into the ocean, sippy cups in hand!

Flash Tattoos

Flash Tattoos 

Lacey had also bought us some of these, and I couldn’t wait to try them. So normally not my style, so didn’t care in Puerto Rico. They stay on REALLY well — mine are still on from Sunday! 

Kate Spade Laptop Sleeve

Kate Spade Laptop Sleeve

I just got a new laptop at work today (YAY! Time to work on my PhotoShop skillz on the weekend), and after this selfie a few months ago, my boss said “you really should get a sleeve…” That laptop was on its last legs, and I did not, but after getting my shiny new laptop this afternoon, I ran right on over to Tekserve.

Eva Chen Cab Selfie

On vacation, I read The Girl on the Train followed by The Fault In Our Stars. Both heavy books, but the latter was especially fun to read mid-panic attack on a somewhat bumpy flight home from Puerto Rico. I may or may not have been that girl in the very last row sobbing as we landed… Does anyone have a book rec for something LIGHT or funny?

Everything emoji, per usual. 


2. Taco emoji petition. Because, let’s be real, a world without a taco emoji is not one I want to live in.

3. You can submit EMOJI PROPOSALS.

Ali’s yoga challenge. I’ve been making a conscious effort lately to meditate more…and it helps.

Stitchfix Dress

Stitchfix! Honestly, they can be so hit or miss, but this month’s box was no miss!


And speaking of Box People (as my mom calls them), the lovely Helena from Uplift has launched her own fitness-wear subscription service, SweatStyle. Similarly to StitchFix, you get a box of clothes every month and choose what to keep and what to send back. Helena is this adorable little thing with great taste, and running a studio gives her an opportunity to see the whole gamut of fitnesswear, so I’m so so excited to see how this biznass works out for her. I’ll do a full review soon, but in my first box, there’s already three pieces I want to keep… (you know, because I definitely need more workout clothes.) 

What are you loving lately? 

23 comments on “Things I’m Loving Friday

  1. Cathryn

    I was given a wine sippy cup tonight. It made my week! Also my son told me it was so I could drink wine whilst I was running! I like his style.

    Also I’m reviewing my parenting style.

  2. Rebecca

    I think I have to boycott your blog now for introducing me to sweatstyle! I just made a profile. I’m trying to save money for a trip to Thailand, dang you!

  3. Claire

    I have a random question but where did you get your brown bag in the picture above (the one above where you mention the books)? I’m looking for a bag big enough for my computer and that one looks super cute!


  4. Tra

    Noticed you are wearing a pair of tieks. Are they as comfy as they look?
    As for the sippy cup, I was at a performance art theatre & they now sell wine in sippy cups so you can bring them into the show. Genius! Also, love your blog.

    1. Theodora Blanchfield Post author

      They *are* as comfortable as they look; I don’t know how durable they are for the cost, and I don’t know if mine just showed the wear more because they were a light color. I just got a pair of red ones and will report back 🙂

    1. Theodora Blanchfield Post author

      Would love to! I’ve only been there once and had a meh experience. (Which I think was partially me being in a crap mood, not liking the instructor’s music and a douchey guy near me.) Would love to try again.

  5. Vicky

    “Garden Spells” by Sarah Allen Addison is an easy, happy read. “My Pretty Fat” by Jen Lancaster made me laugh out loud, I enjoyed “The Forgotten Garden” by Kate Morton enough to buy all her other books, and Sarah Jio, Allison Winn Scotch and Emily Giffin all write fun, easy to read, contemporary writers. Happy reading!

  6. Kathy

    if you haven’t yet read “Let’s Pretend This Never Happened” by Jennifer Lawson, it is my go to recommendation when someone wants light. It takes a lot to make me laugh out loud at a book but that one is an ab workout!


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