My Seven-Year Relationship

Guys, do you Timehop? I’ve gone on and off the Timehop sauce, but over the past few months, Ashley has texted me a number of gems, and, well, I had to sign back up. (If you’re not familiar with Timehop, it’s an app that connects to your social media accounts and sends you what you were doing on that day x years ago.)

Yesterday, it sent me notifications about friends who’d posted on my wall asking how my big move went.

U.S. Capitol

For those of you who don’t know, I went to school at American University in D.C. and stayed there for three years after I graduated. I’d never been crazy about D.C., had always compared it to NYC, and it had always fallen short. My last six months or so in D.C., I was really unhappy and decided it was time to head off to NYC. 


I packed up my stuff, sobbed hysterically for a good hour from memories and fear of leaving the familiar, and drove up to NJ with my mom and my sweet little Bailey.


Why yes, he does have a car harness, thank you for asking.

I had no idea what would await me but I was hopeful for the future.

There have been some amazing highs and some devastating lows over the past seven years in NYC, but the highs far outnumber the lows.

I’ve built a life I’m proud of and found some amazing people to include in it along the way. 

This city will chew you up and spit you out if you let it, but I won’t let it.

10 comments on “My Seven-Year Relationship

  1. Ash Diamond

    I’m so happy you made the move 7 years ago. Let’s get real – where would I be without your friendship? Awkward, lonely and not nearly as witty or sarcastic – nor looking forward to exploring New Zealand with you when you win that giveaway!

  2. Christy

    Funny how that works…when I was in NY, I felt the same way you did in DC…now that I’m in DC…I feel the same way you DO in New York!

  3. Mom

    So happy you are back!!!
    Love those trips to the City to see what adventure you
    have for me. This has been a wonderful ride for you with so
    much that you have accomplished never forget that.
    When the going gets tough, you get stronger.
    Never give up, Sunshine!!!!

  4. Carina

    I am from Mexico but I moved to Vancouver BC in 2002. I have been in Mexico for the past 2 years and I am moving back to Vancouver in a couple of months or so. I love Vancouver, it is a wonderful city, but I know I will miss my family, friends the weather and food that I have in Mexico.

    I can´t say which city is better for me, since both offer wonderful things.

    So, yes, I do understand what it means to live in another place and compare it to what you are familiar with.

  5. Brooks

    I agree big cities can chew you up and split you out. I live in San Francisco and the city there is tough. I see many of my friend not able to live in that environment.


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