A few years ago, I was SUPER into yoga. It was there for me at a rough time in my life, and it brought me peace from a terrible bout of anxiety.

Since then, I’ve favored running, HIIT and strength classes to yoga, but I always come back to it when I need to get grounded again. So I wanted to share two random yoga experiences with you:

1. Pro Yoga USA!

Pro Yoga DC Yoga Week

This one is only for DC-area readers: my friend Amy is opening up a corporate yoga program called Pro Yoga USA. A few jobs ago, we had a yoga class once a week at noon, and it was so, so amazing. If you’re in DC, try one of Amy’s free classes this week or see if your job can get some yoga on. (The first class is free.) I’m so, so proud of Amy. 

Y7 Yoga

2. Y7 Yoga

Last night, after taking a class at NYU all weekend, I went for a run. Though the views and weather were awesome, my body was exhausted and not into it. As I thought about this week’s workouts last night, I looked to see what was available on ClassPass this morning for before work, looking for some kind of strength, Pilates or yoga class. Y7, a new-ish studio in Flatiron (hi, never leaving this neighborhood), had an 8:15 class. DONE.

Sleepily, I climbed the stairs to the gorgeous studio. I walked into the room and was immediately disoriented that it was really (intentionally) dark. But then again, my favorite part of class at Laughing Lotus is when they close the blinds, so I tried to withhold judgement.

The hour-long hot vinyasa class is fairly different than others I’ve taken before: it’s set to much louder music than other classes, it’s mostly in the dark, and the instructor would take us through a flow several times and then have us repeat it on our own for a few minutes. I get serious exercise amnesia and would usually forget the flow halfway through and start kind of doing my own thing. I like some serious hand-holding in yoga. Tell me exactly what to do and when to do it. 

Either way, I walked out mellow and sweaty, which is all you can really ask for on a Monday, right?

How did you start your Monday?

7 comments on “Yo.(Ga)

  1. Jillian

    I ran 4 miles with the jogging stroller. SO. NECESSARY. Work was out of control and I needed the endorphins big time. I took a yoga class with live music last week and was so exhausted I could have just stayed on the floor after savasana and slept there. Yoga is so good for me to destress and bliss out. I wish I could get there more often!

  2. Gianna @ Run, Lift, Repeat

    I so try to take yoga at least once a week…I took a power yoga class at crunch yesterday from classpass – probably a little too athletic for what my body needed at the time!

    I have been really wanting to try Y7 for weeks now!


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