Becoming a Morning Workout Convert


How to Find Morning Workout Motivation

This morning, Ashley convinced Margaret to run early before work, and Margaret Instagrammed how happy she was that Ashley had convinced her to do so. 

Several years ago, I HATED waking up early to work out. Why would I possibly work out in the morning when I could SLEEP? Wasn’t that too hard logistically, having a dog? When would I walk him? Wouldn’t that mess with his schedule? How would I ever get to work on time? When would I shower?

Then Ashley and I went to Vegas, and I realized how early she got to work, and that she still worked out before work. Fine, if she could do it, so could I. Plus, I was starting to have busier nights and needed to work out in the morning, or I wouldn’t work out at all.


#FlashBackFriday or what?!

So, if you’ve been struggling to get your workout in before work, here’s what’s helped me, a former snooze button worshipper. (OK, who am I kidding? I still worship the snooze button, I just hit it earlier now.)

1. Meet someone. Once I started committing to Ashley or other friends to meet for a workout before work, I was far less likely to bail.

2. Be accountable. For me, that’s also been through classes, where I’m mostly being accountable to my wallet if I don’t show. Who wants to lose $35?!

3. Go to sleep earlier. No, I’m probably not going to make a 6am workout if I go to sleep at midnight.

4. Be realistic. But be realistic. The nights I’m super ambitious and think “oh, I can definitely run 8 miles before work tomorrow” (if I’m not training for something) are the ones I usually bail on, because I’m not setting a realistic goal for myself for the day. I used to belong to an Equinox that was about a 10-minute walk from me. Not bad, but when you consider 10 minutes each way, plus a few extra minutes in the locker room on both ends, that’s an extra 30 minutes in the morning that I didn’t need. I joined NYHRC for a while (but quit recently because I just wasn’t using it) because it was really close to me, and most of the other classes that I go to are generally within a 5-minute walk. For me, that’s what works with balancing walking my dog in the morning, too.

5. Pick something FUN! If it’s something you’re forcing yourself to do, you’ll be a whole lot less likely to actually get out of bed.

How do you motivate yourself to work out in the morning?

11 comments on “Becoming a Morning Workout Convert

  1. Shawna

    i’m such the morning worker-outer, since about 2012, and i love itttt. i never was when i lived upstate, but after living in NYC for a year or two, i decided i was going to change that. now, it’s my fave way to start my days, esp on the wknds. i love going to bed early, too!

  2. Jane T. @ live like it's shark week

    I actually love working out in the morning! It’s the going to bed early part that I am not so great at… working on that. When I start my new job in September I’ll have to leave my house by 6am at the latest to get to work without sitting in traffic, so there will be some automatic gym mornings in there (gym on campus where I teach, don’t teach until 9, but arrive at 7… no brainer). I’m hoping that will convert me completely 🙂 I mean, if you’re already leaving at 6am… what’s 5:30? haha

  3. Katie

    I have to have a buddy. I love teaching in the morning because I know I can’t bail on my students. Also my true favorite is to leave work at 4 instead of 5 and get a good workout in then.

  4. Tricia @ A Couple of Dashes

    This is so true! My nights have become so busy and I’ve become so stressed sometimes after a busy day that the thought of doing something other than watching tv on the couch is unheard of to me. I think starting to work out in the morning may be just the answer I needed!

  5. Jenn@Mark My Miles!

    Yes, working out in the mornings is a must for me, or else I tend to have other things get in the way. My workouts are a lot better in the mid afternoon, but with my new schedule I can’t do lunch workouts. It’s a shame because I feel my body is the most awake at that time.

  6. Beckett @ Birchwood Pie

    I switched to morning workouts a few years ago when my schedule made it impossible to work out any other time and quickly became hooked. To make it work, I have to get everything laid out the night before – workout clothes ready to step into, weights set up, etc. There is just nothing like the feeling of getting your workout done first thing – you feel great throughout the day.

  7. Annette @ Sweating Through Life

    I still don’t run in the morning…unless it is race time, OR, unless I have someone to meet, like you suggested. But tomorrow I have to do it on my own!! I’m forcing myself to get up early so I can enjoy the rest of the day with my dad tomorrow!! However, it will be a challenge for sure.

  8. Kristy B.

    “Wasn’t that too hard logistically, having a dog? When would I walk him?”

    What DO you do about Bailey when you workout in the AM? I struggle with this a lot. I used to get up to workout at 5 am every. single. day., but when I got a dog two years ago that all went out the window. I feel so guilty leaving him to go workout when he’s expecting a walk and then when I get back he only gets a 20 minute walk when he usually gets an hour. With the heat of the summer it’s even worse, because he can’t really handle the heat much so he HAS to go out in the morning. Then if I don’t workout in the morning, I rarely feel like it after work. So PLEASE tell me your dog solution!

  9. Katie

    Getting enough sleep really helps. I noticed that when I get at least 7 hours of sleep, the next morning I have a pep in my step. Sleep is important for workout recovery.


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