Celebrate We Will…

…because wait omg why am I quoting a Dave Matthews Band song 20 years later?! Whatever.

I’d been going through a bit of a rough patch for a bit (no reason, just a funk, which was even more frustrating), but I’ve been committing to finding the good in every day, and slowly, things are turning around.

I had a lovely weekend in Shelter Island over Memorial Day with girlfriends, followed by an impromptu “book club” several nights later. As I walked to the subway in the rain, I thought about how scared I was that I wouldn’t meet people when I moved here seven years ago, and how I have filled my life with such amazing, supportive people.

National Tennis Center

Yesterday, I went out to the National Tennis Center in Flushing to interview someone for a tennis piece I’m writing at work. As I walked through the empty center, both 16-year-old and 32-year-old Theodora geeked out a whole lot.

Cliffs of Moher

I got to work, and logged in to see the Cliffs of Moher, one of my favorite places in the world, on my Chrome home screen. (The plugin is Momentum.)

Then, my family booked a li’l family vacay for the end of the month, something we haven’t done forever because of business stuff with my dad.

AND my coworkers and I successfully pulled off a mini-wedding shower for our manager at work. My name is Theodora, and I am the queen of setting up fake meetings.

This morning, unfortunately, did not continue this streak of good luck. I woke up with a terrible stomach bug at 1am.

One stomach flu away from my goal weight

Bright side?

Not one to waste any kind of PTO, I worked from couch all day with my assistant Bailey by my side. Oof. I was real real happy to see 6pm roll around.

Then, tonight, I got news that I was selected for an important Junior League committee.

Saturday, I am so excited to watch Jordan get married. BRB searching for tissues now.

I’m also waiting for hopefully one more piece of good news this month, but so far, this month is lookin’ pretty good.

What’s good on the horizon for you?

5 comments on “Celebrate We Will…

  1. Sokphal @ Life as a Classroom

    The Runner’s World article (July issue) about training with a coach comes comes out next week (earlier if you get it shipped to your house) and you and I are mentioned in it! I don’t get to see my name in print often, so the journalism major in me geeked out! Happy Friday!!! Today is also National Donut Day! That’s two good news from me! 🙂

  2. Annette @ Sweating Through Life

    Hope you feel better! The Cliffs of Moher are amazing. I went to Ireland a few years ago and we got to visit…unfortunately it was incredibly foggy that day, but it was still such a great sight to see. It’s definitely a place I can think of to take me away from crappy thoughts…

  3. Jordan

    Everyone gets into funks, it’s learning to get past them that shows your true power! Glad to see there are some things to be excited about on the horizon for you. Thanks for sharing!


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