The Weekly SwEATS: Staying on Track

As I mentioned last week, Ashley and I are agreeing to be accountability partners for the month of June, both on our blogs and supporting each other offline, too. Ironically, the world (or, um, her company?) has decided to make us accountability partners, too, putting her in temporary housing just a block from me when she returns. Hello morning runs! 

I feel like Monday is usually a good day to do these sorts of things, but my Monday slipped away from me, and yesterday I just wanted to blog about Jordan’s wedding, so here it is, Wednesday. I’ll do them on Mondays going forward.


Exercise generally isn’t my issue. Fitness is my job, my hobby, (one of) my means of socializing. No, no, abs are made in the kitchen, and not in a bottle of wine, so alas my less-than-solid-core. 

I talked last week about trying a certain macro combination that would have me eating less carbs on days when I wasn’t weight lifting and eating more carbs the days I was lifting. That makes me just want to lift every day so I can have those high-carb days, obviously. (Not kidding.) I started logging everything in MyFitnessPal, and LOL on the low-carb days. I’m not sure I’m going to stick to those exact macros, but I think lower-carb on lower-intensity workout days is a good rule of thumb I can realistically follow.

On the food-tracking front, it has been FOREVER since I’ve done any kind of food logging. The fact that a number of my coworkers have also started doing it recently helps, too. SO MUCH ACCOUNTABILITY. And while I obviously know what’s healthy and what’s not, it has been a good reinforcement to see it there in black and white.


And while I didn’t log a damn thing from the wedding because I had no idea where to start, I had an accidentally aggressive Monday night that got logged instead of ignored. MFP has me at about 1500 calories a day before exercise, and while I’m not strictly counting the calories, it’s definitely good to see it all there in front of me. I’m trying to be as healthy as possible during the day to allow for a little wiggle room at night. (Maybe not ^^ that much wiggle room…but some.)

High Line

photo via Alyssa


Welp, I also came down with a stomach bug during this week so my sweats were not from fitness but from being sick for several of the days.

Wednesday: I’d already decided to take a rest day for whatever reason.

Thursday: Being sick forced me to take a rest day.

Friday: I wasn’t up to anything high-intensity, so I did our DailyBurn Pilates in the am just to move a little bit.

Saturday: Took an awesome Guns ’n’ Roses ride at Peloton through my ClassPass. The schedule said ‘80s, and when I showed up, it was a GNR ride. I wasn’t super psyched about that at first, but I knew more songs than I realized and rocked the hell out.

Sunday: Post-wedding, I clearly slept in a bit before heading to Prospect Park for a post-wedding picnic Jordan was hosting. I came back and took a long nap after laying out in the sun all day. Blissful? HELL YES. After, I didn’t have much energy for a workout, but wanted to do something, so I did one of our LTF workouts at home.

Monday: Yay, two-a-day! I NEEDED a run so did a short one before work. In the afternoon at work, I ended up doing another LTF workout.

Tuesday: My friend Alyssa is moving (WAH), so we met up for a run on the High Line (see gorgeous photo above totally stolen from her Insta) and had coffee after.

Wednesday: That brings us to today! I got in a nice little 4-miler. Post Brooklyn Half, I was ready for a little running hiatus. I haven’t strapped on my Garmin once, and I’ve only run a handful of times. I know I have months of training ahead of me, so I took a little mental break so that I started wanting it again. I want it. I’m so ready to start training now.

How was your week of sweats + eats? Anything else you want to see when I do these check ins? Also, as I start marathon training, I’d love to write more not just about my day-to-day training, but stuff I’ve learned over the years and tips for you — anything first-time marathoners/half-marathoners want to know/want me to address? 

9 comments on “The Weekly SwEATS: Staying on Track

  1. Brittany

    Hi Theodora,

    I really enjoy reading your blog and I’m happy you are doing it a little more lately. I’m currently in the process of starting to lose weight again as well. I’ve been holding steady at a 30lb loss here for awhile. I got comfortable/moved to a new city and spent a little too much time enjoying an adult beverage, but I really need to pick up where I left off and I’m glad you will posting your sweats+eats. It’s motivating to me! I hope that we can lose weight together!

    I know you said to leave you requests on what type of marathon/half training tips and tricks you have (and I’m running a half in August so I’d love to hear those), but could you also continue to post about your weight (re)loss journey. I really enjoy reading about how you are going about it!

  2. Shawna

    funny you posted about alcohol calories today b/c it’s been on my mind for the past few months more than usual, and i actually decided yesterday that i’m giving up alcohol for the summer. i’m excited to track my progress and see how my body changes! i’m not that big into carbs or sweets or other “bad” foods but i love wine and cocktails so it’ll be good for me to cut that out for a while and do some ME reflection…while getting healthier. so let’s meet for coffee/whole foods date! 🙂

  3. Mary

    So good to read about the food struggles other people have. I love working out, I do a variety of workouts, and then follow it up with a whole pizza and ice cream. Whoops. I hate that abs are made in the kitchen…. hahah

  4. Amanda @ Slimplify Life

    I’m not huge into the food logging but on the rare occasion I do track what I eat in a day, I’m always shocked by #allthesnacks I consume!! Sometimes it’s good as a quick reality check.

    I’m excited to hear more about your marathon training! I start my Fall marathon training in a few weeks! My last marathon was the DC Rock n’ Roll and lord knows ANYTHING has got to be better than that horrid 26.2 miles in the cold rain.

  5. Lindsey

    Thanks so much for the post. I’m debating running my first full marathon in 2016 and would love to read any advice you have about how to know when to take the leap to the full distance and about training to prevent injuries (my IT band and I fight on the regular). Thanks!

  6. Justin Adams

    Hey Justin here,

    just came across your blog from Google as I’m always looking for “real life” inspiration when it comes to exercise and fitness. I must say that I have definitely found it here! Much respect and I look forward to reading more.


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