On the Bright Side of Injury

No one ever injured their eyesight by looking on the bright side

I’ve been working out regularly for the past six years, and I’ve been running long distances for the past five-and-half-ish of those.

I haven’t run in exactly two weeks at this point. I’ve missed two long runs and had a crappy one the week before that.

Am I terrified of the TWO fall marathons I’m committed to? Yes. Is there anything I can do right now but commit to doing everything I can to recover? (And compartmentalize my running for now. I can’t obsess over the fact that I can’t do it.)

I’m currently cleared for yoga, swimming and the elliptical. I definitely took some time to whine (and wine, let’s be real) about it. As someone who works in fitness, writes a fitness blog…and works out for fun, it’s a big change for me right now to not be able to do most of my favorite activities (running +…lifting?! Yes, I miss it!) It also interferes some with my day-to-day life, as I’m having trouble sitting comfortably at work (standing is even worse, though) and walking long distances isn’t the greatest.

But what I really miss is the endorphins that I’ve come to realize keep me sane. 

Ashley and I were chatting about this, and she reminded me to think of what I can do.

So, I’m ready to become the best swimmer/yogi for the next TK amount of time it takes to heal my jerk of a back.

9 comments on “On the Bright Side of Injury

  1. Janine

    Have you looked into joining a Master Swim club? It is a good combination of a coach practice and socialization. I originally join mine due to an ankle injury and have stuck around as great cross training.

  2. Gianna @ Run, Lift, Repeat

    I am all with you on the missing endorphins when you are sidelined. I had a really hard time dealing with my Crohn’s flare at it’s worst when I was unable to turn to running to keep me sane. Coming to terms with accepting it and trying to find someone else to fill that void is very hard for us runners! Good luck in the pool! I just joined one of the free ones for lap swim to cross train…now I just need to get there 😉

  3. Deana

    Last year I fell training for my 50 mile ultra- I fractured my ankle and it took me out for 3 months. I couldn’t do anything. Looking back I really needed that time, to mentally get back into the game and allow my body time to recover. I was like you always running, working out, spinning, yoga, trainers. This was the first time I HAD to stop. And even though it seemed horrible, and I got very depressed- lack of endorphins- it was the best thing. I have come back stronger and feel better than I have in years. So hang in there. Be nice to your body! xo-deana

  4. Shawna

    i totally get feeling so bummed to not have the runner’s high — hang in there and hopefully you can find ways to kick the endorphins up and stay positive.


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