Surfside Salutations at Surf Lodge with Well + Good

Happy Monday friends! 

I got back late last night from Amagansett, and I am HAPPY. ODing on sunshine and fun times with good friends is so good for your soul. And I had lots of both of those this weekend.

While these weekends with friends are typically wine-filled affairs, I always make sure to get in at least some workouts. We drove out Thursday night, and my master plan for this weekend was to get in my long run on Friday morning. However, by the end of the day Thursday, my low back was in such excruciating pain that just bending over to get my laptop sleeve at work hurt like all hell. 

My friend Meg is a physical therapist, so I asked her what she thought was going on with my back. She said from everything I described, it sounded like bulging disks, and I should take some rest and definitely not run 12 miles. I was super bummed to not get in a pretty long run out there, but I also didn’t want to get hurt any further.

So Friday I took a full rest day (it even hurt walking .25 miles down the beach to grab lunch, so, right decision), but Saturday, we’d planned to go to Well + Good’s Surfside Salutations at Surf Lodge.

Surf Lodge Surfside Salutations

Hello Montauk, why do you have to be so ugly?

Heather Lilleston was the instructor, and she was FREAKING HILARIOUS. I’d never heard of her before, but when I Instagrammed the above pic, a bunch of people commented how much they loved her. She founded Yoga for Bad People, a company that runs fun yoga retreats.

The class itself was a pretty easy flow, other than it was REALLY hot and we were directly under the sun.

Heather Lilleston

After the class, there was A BRAID BAR and all kinds of other fun stuff going on.

Surfside Salutations

Hello braid crown!

C9 was one of the sponsors, and we all got free sports bras, which was a pretty sweet gift. We also got swag bags with a bunch of stuff, including a sea salt surf spray for your hair. Hello, beach waves!

While it was certainly hard to get up on a Saturday morning after late Friday nights, it was so worth it and it felt awesome to go back to the beach having already gotten our workout in for the day.

If you could do any traditionally-indoors workout outside, what would it be and where?

12 comments on “Surfside Salutations at Surf Lodge with Well + Good

  1. Mary

    Ahhhh so envious! I miss the Atlantic…. and those braid crowns look great!

    I love yoga outside, I just have to make sure I put enough sunblock on beforehand! I’m 100% irish, so my skin can NOT handle the sun hahah

  2. Laura

    Oh nooooo to your bulging disc! A slipped disc was what I had after our weekend in the Hamptons, so I know what kind of pain you were in 🙁 Does the fact that you survived yoga class mean it wasn’t that and you were better?

    I love your braided hair 🙂

  3. Gianna @ Run, Lift, Repeat

    So sorry to hear about your back, I hope you are able to get that on the mend asap!

    Your hair looks fabulous. My hair is shorter now and my french braids always look a little sad when I do them.

    I’ve taken some spin classes outside and I always LOVE them!

  4. Jessica

    What a beautiful locale for a yoga class! It must have been so soothing, aside from the heat. I wouldn’t mind the outdoor aspect, but I’d need shade for sure.

  5. Mallika

    I’m a longtime reader of your blog but lazy on the comments – the bulging discs prompted me to respond – I have 4 myself, and I have been struggling with it for the past 1.5 years.
    I highly recommend acupuncture – after (really strong) pain killers, regular physio therapy, this is the only thing that helped. So much so that I can workout 5-6 times a week (Uplift, Brooklyn Bodyburn style stuff).
    I only wish someone told me this 1.5 years ago – I hope it helps you!


  6. Susan - Nurse on the Run

    Back problems are the woooooooorst. (I was sidelined for about six months with mine…and took last year off from marathoning for fear of it coming back.) Tread lightly and take it easy!

    I laughed out loud at the name “Yoga for Bad People”…that is most excellent.


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