11 Days to Go!

Tomorrow is October 1.

1. How the hell did that happen?

2. That means I’m running a marathon in just 11 days.

Long Run 9 26 91

I am THIS excited.

(The cool thing about these Nike long runs is that they have a photographer. Perfect for narcissistic bloggers!)

With Chicago just 11 days away, I can’t stop: running, talking about running, thinking about running, dreaming about running, reading about running…

Nike Run Club NYC Williamsburg Bridge

This morning, Ashley met me for another Nike Run Club session. We went from the store at 20th and 5th to the Williamsburg Bridge and back for a total of 5 humid-as-hell miles. Ashley and I split for her to head back to Brooklyn and I chatted with THIS badass woman who’s running a 100-miler at the end of October. I ran 17 miles last weekend; she ran 50!

Conversely, I also read an interesting piece on Refinery29 in defense of the 12-minute miler and non-competitive exerciser. OK, so maybe I am (too?) competitive with myself, but I’ll truly never be competitive with others and the most important thing is that you’re moving. That’s the message with our new product at work, too.

After my run, I had a PT appointment, which meant I got to talk MORE about running with my PT, who’s proud of my progress…and that I listened to her. I’m honestly still really shocked that I’m actually going to make it to this marathon. I was afraid for much of the summer that I wouldn’t, but I’m so glad I’ve made it.

I’ve hit the stage of my training where I don’t think, I just do…and now it’s time to run a marathon. I haven’t run a marathon without a time goal since my first (which was also Chicago!), so it will be interesting for me to go out there and just see how I can do. Jess doesn’t want me to set a goal, but my running is so motivated by time. I think my loose goal is somewhere between 4:10 – 4:20, which I think is fairly doable, but we’ll see.

Long Run 9 26 99

Until then, it’s just me and the miles. 

What motivates you to run / work out?

Also…any of you running Chicago around a 4:15ish goal pace? I might be looking for friends 🙂

13 comments on “11 Days to Go!

  1. Sarah S

    I’m not running Chicago, but I’m signed up to be a course marshal in the Lakeview neighborhood so I’ll be cheering for you as you run by!

  2. Jennifer O

    What motivates me to run is how well it helps reduce my stress level. I just returned to work, part-time, and still need to get the balance of running our house too. My little one started kindergarten and we have to pay for her to go full day, and boy was it hard to find a decent part-time job! I also like to keep up the running so I continue to fit into my clothes. I always eat more during the colder months(I miss daylight), which means if I don’t exercise I pack on the pounds. The best way to keep me running is to sign up for a race. Once I pay my entry fee I keep running, as long as I don’t gt injured.

  3. Sana

    I wish I had a personal photographer for my whole life. Jk! I would hate it I think. But I always make my running buddies snap a pic 🙂

  4. Maggie

    needed this post this AM! Running Chicago/NYC this year, but Chicago will be my first without a goal (was hoping for my first sub-4, last years NYC 4:00:29 has bothered me for a year…) but wasn’t as on top of training this year #life. What’s your plan for 20 this weekend? I could use a group to run with- have never gone to Nike run club!

  5. Courtney

    That’s me! I’m running Chicago (second time around). Training hasn’t gone quite according to plan, so I’m hoping to come in around that time, as well. I’m scheduled to go in the first wave (Corral E) and am scared as hell.

  6. Mom

    This is the first marathon that I will physically
    not be there
    BUT, I will be with you with every step you
    take, every corner you turn, and with every
    breath you take!!!
    Until I get the phone call that says Mom I did it!!!
    Love You

  7. Ash Diamond

    I’ll be tracking you like a maniac per usual and will even take phone calls to support you on the course if needed. YOU. WILL. KILL IT and continue to surprise yourself!


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