End of Summer Coffee Chat


Summer is over, and I am SAD.

On the train back to real life tonight, Meg was talking about how she was excited for fall, and that it was her favorite season. I am blonde, and I really like Lilly Pulitzer, so I definitely peak in summer.

If we were having coffee date right now, I’d tell you:

Windmill Hamptons

I’m really excited and really nervous about the Chicago Marathon. Thankfully this isn’t my first rodeo, so I know I will be able to finish, but I also know that with this compressed training schedule, it won’t be quite as enjoyable (“enjoyable”) as past marathons have been for me. But I trust Jess‘s coaching guidance implicitly, and know that I will be as prepared as I possibly can…

This weekend, I did my 12 miles out in the Hamptons. Our share is in Amagansett, so I ran to East Hampton and back. We’d gone out the night before, so I was proud of myself for getting it in and not pushing it back to early this week instead.

I would also tell you that I am fully obsessed with flash tattoos and now think no beach weekend is complete without them, and yes I know I am the most basic bitch ever, thank you for asking.

I would tell you that I got a ride out there, but am thrilled that I took the train back and didn’t have to deal with traffic. Dinner at Sotto Sopra with half-priced wine and pizza was a fabulous way to wrap up the day/weekend/summer.

I would tell you that I’m doing a triathlon this weekend with my bosslady/favorite person Jordan, and I am so excited for her to do her first tri.

I would tell you that after a summer of fun and indulgence, I am so ready to buckle down and eat better this fall. Ashley had a great recent post about saying no to overcommitting and yes to yourself sometimes, and I’m going to try to be really cognizant of that this fall.

I would tell you that even though I spent too much money this weekend, I am currently lusting over, oh, EVERYTHING on sale at J. Crew Factory right now (and 50% off!!!)


Science for hard-partying white women

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Nailed it. ^^

And how was your weekend??

10 comments on “End of Summer Coffee Chat

  1. Jillie

    I’m with you on the buckling down now that summer is officially over. And sure flash tattoos are awesome and miiiight make you seem basic, but I think that get cancelled out when drinking White Girl Rose which is the best name I have ever heard for wine. Ever.

  2. Katie

    My weekend was all about finding balance. I skipped a bachelorette party, but still did a two beer lunch with a different friend. I’ve got a new job and slept good the first week or so, but now I’m having goofy dreams. Fall has always been my favorite, so I can’t wait for all the layers and fun activities!

  3. Annie

    Yes to tent dress on Mondays! Haha. Every week starts off with the thought: what is one outfit I can wear that is only one piece and is not tight? Comfy dresses make adjusting to the work week easier.

  4. Alicia

    I’m so excited for the Chicago Marathon. Last year I PR’d there with a 3:45 and I hope to run a little faster this year. Inching my way to a BQ. You should do a meet-up in Chicago!


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