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Do you read my friend Meggie’s blog? She’s a third-year OB-GYN resident (did I get that right, Meggie?), which means she basically doesn’t sleep. And yet she’s decided to start blogging more recently, and I love it. Just total stream-of-conciousness about her day and her life.

Sometimes, like tonight, I sit down and want to write but don’t have An Important Topic to write about. I spend all day at work trying to come up with sharable, clickable content and sometimes I just want to talk at you, cool? Cool.


So, I wouldn’t say work has slowed down at all, but we’ve all settled into our new normal, which includes getting in an hour earlier than we did before. Bosslady Jordan and I have gotten into the habit of going to Nike Run Club at 7am at least one day a week so that no matter how crazy work gets, we know we ran. It’s a nice little routine we have going on, and, well, you really can’t cancel on your boss. No matter how tight you are. Especially when she’s coming from Brooklyn early and you just have a few blocks to run to the store.

We had a long pitch meeting this afternoon, and then I ran home to walk B. Work was pretty empty, and so I decided to sneak him back in with me. Other than a little napping on the floor of the phone booth while I had a call, he basically sat on my lap for 3 hours. Cool life, lapdog.

I’m home resting up for my long run tomorrow. True story: I really like marathon training because it gives me a damn good reason to sit on my couch Friday night, which is my favorite Friday night plan.

Like the rest of this marathon business, I have mixed feelings about my 17-miler tomorrow. After my injury, I’m operating on a compressed training schedule. Last week I did 15, tomorrow I’ll do 17 and next week I’ll do 20. The week after that? 26.2. My legs felt sluggish during last week’s long run, so I’ve made an effort this week to sleep more, booze less, and eat more clean food.

We’re doing a “bodybuilding” challenge at work, and while I am not partaking in the bodybuilding part, I did input all of my measurements into a shared Google Doc with plenty of coworkers smaller than me. Thank god I’m in a decent place re:body image! I know I can afford to lose some weight, and I know the extra weight is 100% lifestyle choices (read: wine.) I’m back to tracking on MFP and it’s always eye-opening to see how those wine/sweets calories add up.

Running a marathon is already asking a ton of my body, but ESPECIALLY on this shortened training cycle. I’m trying to do the best I can to fuel my body well so it can take on this challenge, so I’m going to be nice to it.

How are you nice to your body?

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