Chicago Is HERE

Or, am I here. Or something.

I got through a busy and stressful week of work, and now I’m here in Chicago, blogging from bed and blissfully tired now that 94% of my work stress has dissipated and I’m on a little race-cation. Work has been great but intense the past few months and laying in a cushy hotel bed right now is pretty sweet.

I’m trying to focus on appreciating the time off and a weekend away with a friend instead of freaking out.

Chicago Marathon Expo 2015

This morning, Heather and I took a 9am flight out here. Most of the time when I fly, I take an early (6 or 7am) flight to maximize the time, so 9am felt incredibly civilized.

We checked into our hotel, had lunch at the ADORABLE Siena Tavern, and headed to the expo.

Nike Chicago Marathon Jacket

I just couldn’t resist this badass black jacket.

Ashley made a great point last week when I ran my half as part of my 19-miler: she said she was really proud of me for how well and smartly I recovered. I’m always really tough on myself, but it is pretty awesome how I took six weeks off…and still am running this ish on Sunday. (Note: not recommended for your first!)

I’m also so so proud of Heather for making it here. From making it through solo long runs to fighting a calf injury — she’s come so far, and I can’t wait to give her a big, proud, sweaty hug on Sunday!

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Here’s where I’d usually talk about goals. My training was too short to safely think I have any shot of PR-ing, and I’m not going to try. I’m going to aim for a 9:30-9:45 pace, so I’d like to finish under 4:20. But the one thing this injury has taught me is letting go of time goals, and I honestly will just be happy that I managed to (mostly?) overcome an injury smartly and conservatively and still be able (god willing) to run 26.2 on Sunday.

Who else is running? Any final pre-race thoughts for me?!

12 comments on “Chicago Is HERE

  1. Sarah

    GOOD LUCK! Who cares what your time is? That was my goal last year. I was sick the two days before the race and when I woke up feeling good – it was kind of the like – well, let’s just see how it goes!! It’s such a fan race which you already know and not stressful like many others. ENJOY IT! Best part is eating all the amazing food Chicago has to offer afterwards 🙂

  2. Mary

    EEEEE!! So fun and exciting!! You’ve got this, obviously. Just remember this is for fun and all that 🙂 hope you have a great time!!

  3. Kelsey @ SoMuchLifeToLive

    Good luck, Theodora! I can’t wait to read you race recap!

    I’ve done the Chicago 1/2 two times, but I’ve never done the full race. I’ve heard it’s a lot of people’s favorite race because there’s a crowd cheering you on literally every single mile of the race. You’ll be great!!


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