New Year’s Eve Inspiration

A good friend of mine was in a bar over the summer and heard some girls talking about me. Like the good friend she is, she eavesdropped for a bit and then chimed in — oh! I know that Preppy Runner! She’s a good friend of mine. Obviously I wanted to know what she overheard.

“Well, they said you were really girly.” My blog is pink and green, and I am mildly moderately obsessed with Lilly Pulitzer. I run marathons in skirts. Yes, I am very girly, and I am a-okay with that.

Which means despite hating the BS of New Year’s in New York (though I just solidified plans today, so I’m feeling things a bit more), I do love the excuse to get all glammed up.

Christmas giving and receiving means my wallet is drained and my closet is stuffed, so I’ll likely just be shopping in my own closet, but it never hurts a girl to look, right? Here’s a few glittery things that are making me smile right now.

Topshop Strappy Sequin Dress | Jimmy Choo Abel Glitter Pointed-Toe Pump, Nude | H&M Sequined Dress | Zarita Lace Dress • Diane von Furstenberg | Maya Petite Plunge Embellished Shift Dress kate spade new york accessories Emanuelle Bow Clutch | Pleated midi skirt in metallic | Glitter is my favorite color kerr wristlet | Collection gold-flecked jumpsuit | Madewell ‘Nightfall Jacquard’ Cutout Dress

What does your glammed-up New Year’s dream look like?

7 comments on “New Year’s Eve Inspiration

  1. Cate

    My glammed up NYE would be sitting on my sofa in my flannel PJs, wearing my favorite Jimmy Choos and falling asleep during a Friends marathon! 🙂 Although this year, I have dinner plans. Have a happy new year and I hope 2016 is a happy and healthy one for you and your family!

  2. Alicia A Hanus

    I have the DVF Zarita dress you posted and LOVE it. Everyone needs this in their closet in black and navy. Happy New Year, Theodora!

  3. Melissa

    I never really look forward to New Years Eve, but I’m trying to get myself at least a little bit psyched up to go out tonight. Unfortunately, I don’t have anything too glamorous in my closet – so I’ll be glamming up by just putting on more makeup then I usually do! HA

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