So About That “Whole 30”

Yeah, about that.

I’d started off planning to have a few cheats — a few planned cocktail parties. I’ve been super honest in this space about how I’ve been doing. Until last Friday, that was pretty damn good.

Then the snowstorm hit and I lost all resolve. Meaning, I didn’t even really try.

Friday night, my coworkers were going to get drinks at Hill Country. Fine. Drinks. I’m in.

Saturday, Lacey invited me and some friends over for dinner. I had planned on having some beverages at a cocktail party that night that got canceled so I carried that over to stormageddon and had some wine and pasta and fun.

Sunday, I felt like crap all day. Bloated, upset stomach, foggy. How often was I feeling like that before?

Monday I hopped back on the Whole 30 train, where I stayed until yesterday afternoon. We had some changes at work, and it was a very difficult day for all, and many many glasses of wine were involved. Could I have not partaken? Sure. Did I want to do that? Hell no.

Followed by some bagels this morning.

Lunch came and: OK, do I give up? Do I stay this through for the next week?

Well, I have come this far. Even though I, in no way, strictly followed the Whole 30 rules, I think I’ve still seen some great results and learned a ton, even if I didn’t follow this to the letter.

My goal for the next week is to stick to this as best as possible and also really think about what parts of this I want to keep in my life following this. Once my body adjusted that first week, I really have felt better — especially without the gluten.

So, just because I messed up colossally a few times, I don’t consider this an overall failure.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I have more sweet potatoes to cook.

5 comments on “So About That “Whole 30”

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  2. Melissa

    I definitely have a problem with the all-or-nothing nature of some diets plans. Following your Whole 30 plan partially/mostly, is better than none at all!

    Sometimes life happens and you just need that glass of wine.

    1. Theodora Blanchfield Post author

      Exactly, on following it somewhat being better than not at all. I followed it enough to see some results, and more importantly, to reset some poor habits and think more mindfully about what I’m eating.

      And…yeah. Sometimes you just need that effing wine.

  3. Gianna @ Run, Lift, Repeat

    Such as life, never beat yourself up over enjoying yourself! I think the most important take away is realizing how good you feel when fueling yourself with good nutrient dense foods! My birthday was last week and I by and large stay away from sugar (as in sweets, not wine because wine happens always for me) and after a couple days of it, I actually had to cancel my birthday brunch over the weekend because my body was revolting. The thought of another indulgent meal had my system into overdrive. But that also means I just get to celebrate my birthday one more time 😉


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