Back in Training

This fall, I ran two marathons. (Have I mentioned that? No? Didn’t think so.)

And I was the happiest I’d been in a long time. My body and my mind like to run.

But they don’t like winter. I have zero desire to run in the winter just to look badass. I come inside and can’t warm up for HOURS, no matter how warm I was outside. Last spring, I had grand ambitions of PR-ing at the DC Half, and then it got cold and I quickly gave up on that.

After my two fall marathons, I had grand ambitions of going for a spring marathon and a big PR, but then my mom got sick, and I quickly abandoned that and any race ambitions for this spring. (Sidenote: we got really good news about my mom this morning! New York Presbyterian is an amazing place, my mom’s doctor is a wonderful man, and my mom is the strongest woman I know.)

But my coworkers and I signed up for the Brooklyn Half (for the third year in a row together), and I started trying to back out some spring races from there.

I’ll also be running the More/Shape Half in April, and the Cherry Blossom Ten-Miler in early April as part of Anne’s Cheese Team (as I’m calling it.) The last 10-miler I ran was that Cherry Blossom two years ago, and I had stomach issues and a crappy race. I ran the Army Ten-Miler (one of my fave races!) in 2012 just before Marine Corps at a relaxed pace, which ended up being about 8:58. When I PR-ed in BK last year, I ran a 8:17 pace. Though I’m not at a 8:17 pace, I’m pretty sure so long as I have an OK day, I can do under an 8:58 pace.

The plan? Loosely following an intermediate eight-week half marathon training schedule for my long runs (this one looks good) with 1-2 easy runs, 1 speed run (probably Mile High if it gets cold again because I’m a weenie) and 1-2 strength/XT days (here’s 7 awesome ideas for XT).

I’ve already run a few times over the past week now that it’s gotten warmer, and I feel more like myself.

Since the only other thing I do lately is obsess over home decor stuff…

I’m looking really hard at this duvet but I can’t decide if it’s too juvenile. (Although I don’t know when that started bothering me.) Or if this one is too beachy (wait, is there such a thing?)

1. Have you seen any cute duvets on the internets lately? Enlighten me.

2. Are you training for anything right now?

11 comments on “Back in Training

  1. meredith @ The Cookie ChRUNicles

    Now don’t laugh but my favorite duvet at the moment is from Pottery Barn Teen! Ugh I love it! – It’s the Emily and merritt collection, black with big pink flowers, black and white striped sheets with a pink trim (very kate spade, my fave) –you have to look to see what I mean! I can’t decide if I am going to get it, it does come in king size which I decided means it’s meant for adults too 🙂

  2. Meghan

    No such thing as too beachy! 🙂
    I am thinking of signing up for the Horseneck Beach Half, which is in MA near the RI border. It’s in late May so even if I let the cold keep me inside, it should give enough time to train.

  3. Cate

    The Kate Spade one, definitely. It seems more like you and not juvenile at all!

    I am training for Ragnar and the Brooklyn Half – they’re back to back, so I will likely be running both for fun! My PR is still from the More woman’s half… In 2008! Someday I’ll be back in that shape! 🙂

  4. LK

    The Kate Spade for sure. The West Elm looks a little bit like something you’d find in a motel called “Oceanside Inn”. With framed prints of seashells on the wall.

    The More/Shape half is going to be my first half marathon ever and BK is going to be the second! I’m super nervous about the Central Park hills, but hoping to get in a few long practice runs there (I live in Westchester, so definitely doable. And, I mean, I run on roads with hills now, so this should just be normal, right?)

  5. Shawna

    i’ve been having some similar thoughts lately, actually…i ran a full in October and so enjoyed those early morning summer and fall runs, and winter outdoor runs are just tough, even when we’ve had such an easy winter. and this might sound weird but i ran home along the west side highway last Thurs evening from work and thought i ran by someone who either was you or was your twin! i’m eyeing a duvet on West Elm right now (also navy and white) and my current one is an aqua color, so i don’t think that’s too beachy. enjoy the running! maybe i’ll see you at the BK Half (with 30,000 other people). 🙂

  6. Katie

    I ordered a Trina Turk branded duvet from Bed, Bath, and Beyond this fall and love it! As for winter workouts, uff da. I’ve been signing up for 5k and 10k the last week for early summer, hopefully that will encourage me to get going.


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