BRB, going to the beach!

Dominican Republic

Hello from bliss.

And by bliss, I mean I’m currently in the back of a cab en route from my parents’ in NJ to LGA in bumper-to-bumper traffic on the George Washington Bridge.

But I don’t care, because life is pretty damn good right now.

Baseline, this week, or any week really, would have been better than last, but:

  • We got GREAT news about my mom, who’s responding to chemo like a fucking champ. She was going to come in to the city to get Bailey last night anyway, so I decided to just come home with her and leave for vacation from NJ. A little extra time en route to the airport is worth it for a little extra time with my favorite person.
  • I somehow stuffed at least 4 days of work into 3 and don’t need to touch my laptop all weekend.
  • Um, hi, I’m heading off to 4 days in the sun with some of my favorite people, and we have our wine sippy cups and Cards Against Humanity ready. Not sure what else we need.
  • Despite falling off the Whole 30 wagon at the end, I’m still down a few pounds from where I started, and I’m happy some of my dresses are fitting better heading into vacation.

Paintbox Manicure

And finally, Lacey and I got stupidly overpriced manicures at Paintbox the other night, and looking down at my hands makes me super happy. Pro tip: they serve bubbles while you’re getting manicured, so if you’re anything like me and Lacey, you try your best to recoup costs with your fair share of bubbles.

See ya! Odds are close to 100% I won’t blog while in the DR, but follow along on Instagram or Snapchat (theodorable211) for shenanigans.

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