Back on that Run Train

I’m just going to put it out there: I am not a winter runner.

I hate the cold. If I didn’t love this city, I wouldn’t put up with this cold year after year. When I run in the cold, no matter how appropriately I’m dressed in layers or how hot a bath or shower I take when I get home, it takes me forever to shake that cold again…and it’s not worth it.

But running is such a piece of who I am that I can’t help but wonder over the winter if any winter blues are also partially because I’m not running. (I do do some treadmill running, but it’s just not the same.)

But I’m getting back in my running groove (which is good, because I’m running the Cherry Blossom Ten Miler next weekend!), and…thank god. I run for so many reasons, but mental health is a huge one. Running is not my therapy (my therapist is) but is sure as hell is therapeutic.

I’m back to my morning miles on Wednesdays with Nike Run Club. It’s really nice that they do a dynamic warmup, but it means that that 7:04 run doesn’t really start till around 7:15. Oh well. As I’m getting back in my groove, it’s really nice to have people to meet up with.

photo via Anne

I’m also happy to be back to run dates. My girl Anne was in town this weekend, and we met up for some miles and chat. I still got it. I’d nearly bailed on her and asked if we could just brunch since my legs were TOAST from Fhitting Room on Friday, but I sticked the hell out of them, and they were much better, and I was much happier.

At brunch after, we chatted about upcoming races, and I realized I have SO many more coming up than I realized: Cherry Blossom, More/Shape Half, Newport 10K (more TK on that soon), Brooklyn Half and the Seawheeze Half.

I do want to do 9+1 this year so that I can run NYC next year, so I need to get on more local races. Hopefully the Oakley 10K will be part of my race calendar again.

Oh, and today I met Meb (!!!!!!!!!) at a KT Tape event. He’s running Cherry Blossom, too, so I’m thinking we’ll just run together probably.

And then went to an event with Zensah at Mile High. I love life and running right now.

I’m done trying to beat Jordan’s time, so we’re just going to race Brooklyn together. I’m thinking of just trying to replicate my plan with Jess from last year since it worked so well.

Which races are you doing?? How/when do you get excited about running again? Run celebrities you’d like to meet?

11 comments on “Back on that Run Train

  1. Dietitian Jess

    I think after two marathons last fall this was much needed time off from running for you, I usually take a winter break because I hate the cold and I don’t want to get burned out. Good luck this weekend- love the picture of you and Meb!

  2. Anne @ fANNEtastic food

    MEB!!!! So pumped he’s running Cherry Blossom! I’m sure I’ll be just about as fast as him. 😉

    So good to catch up with you on Sunday! Thank you for not bailing – after an indulgent weekend I needed that run date – felt so good to move! xoxo

  3. Shawna

    such a fun race line-up! so far for 2016 i’m only signed up for the BK Half (love this one) and the Mohawk Hudson Marathon (upstate in October). thinking about doing the More/Shape Half as well.

  4. Carla

    I can definitely relate to winter blues being related to not running, although that’s because I love running in the cold. I was injured for a large chunk of this past winter, and since I’m a morning runner and my office in Manhattan is connected to the Rock Center stop and I hate pushing through all.the.people. at lunchtime, I was missing out on that daily sunshine, fresh air and outside time while I was benched, as it was always dark when I left the office. I was not a happy camper!

  5. Tracy

    So cool you met Meb! He’s running the Mini-Marathon here in Indy in May. Can’t wait for him to pass me. : )
    He is starting at the back of the pack and will make his way to the front.

  6. Sana

    I had all of these grand plans to be a winter runner. I ran a few times but this weather is amazing! And it makes me want to run all the time!

  7. Nicole

    We all have our running ebbs/flows. I think it’s tough to run straight the year through, plus its nice to work on other things. I’m also running cherry blossom!

  8. Allison

    Your hair looks really good in these pics! Can I ask where you get your highlights done? I live in the West Village and I’ve had some good experiences at Michael Angelo’s Wonderland, and then some not so great ones…


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