Having a Ball at The Pierre!

So, Friday I moved, and on Saturday I went to a ball. As you do.

For any new readers, I’ve been a volunteer with the New York Junior League since 2008, and our Winter Ball is one of our biggest fundraisers, raising a significant portion of our budget so that we may help women and children in NYC.

The event also honors five Outstanding Volunteers — our biggest honor. One of my good friends was honored, and she asked me to sit at her table…and you don’t say no to an OV.

I got my hair done at RPZL, makeup done at Blue Mercury and headed uptown. Hello fake lashes, I love you.

She was staying at The Pierre, where the ball was hosted, so a few of us went to her room to get ready.


Our emcee was Alexandra Wilkis Wilson (who was actually an NYJL volunteer from 2006-2011), one of the Gilt co-founders and CEO of GlamSquad.

I had some serious Rent the Runway issues, so I actually ended up wearing this bridesmaid dress. Sometimes you really can wear them again. Sometimes.

I’m so lucky to have found so many great friends through the NYJL and to be part of an organization I truly believe in that’s reaching so many women and children in NYC.

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  1. meredith @ Cookie ChRUNicles

    So pretty!!! I love the Pierre for a good event (not to mention I got engaged there so I have fond memories of that hotel :)) I love Blue mercury too! I like that they always give me free samples so I can try everything before buying and not liking the product.


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