A Pleasantly Surprising Run

photo via Jordan

This morning, I went to Nike Run Club’s morning miles with Jordan, my coworker/fave person. I love group runs/fitness/morning workouts, but morning group runs are few and far between in the Flatiron area. (Really, anywhere downtown from Central Park. If I started one, would you come?)

I’m really starting to get back into my running, but the Brooklyn Half will likely still kinda suck since I apparently have zero desire to do long runs as of late.

But my morning runs have been ON POINT. As I said the other day, I’ve mostly been wearing my Apple Watch to run, so I don’t really pay attention to my splits.

I like NRC a lot, but their morning runs are always FAST. Jordan asked this morning if I wanted to run “fast, faster or fastest.” Touche, Jordan, touche. Mmmmm…fast?

They took us on a “mystery run” which took us basically down through Union Square, through Meatpacking, to the new end of the Highline and then across 34th, down Broadway back to the store at 20th/5th.

Jordan and I are really average-paced runners. Not slow, not fast. So we sort of fell between two groups but just tried to hold our own as close to the group in front of us as possible.

Despite working together, sitting next to each other, all week, we never run out of things to talk about, and that and not looking at my watch served as good distractions. I really wanted to see how fast I’d run if I just didn’t look at my watch, and we ended up doing 5 miles at an 8:41 pace. I’d say it felt like somewhere between easy and tempo pace, but I’m used to my “easy” runs being at 9+ minute miles, and I’m just getting back into running shape, so I was HAPPY.

It was nice to let my body do its thing…and pleasantly surprise me.


I’m so excited now to get in bed early. #thisis33

3 comments on “A Pleasantly Surprising Run

  1. Katie

    Good work! I haven’t been morning running lately because MN has had a ton of rain, but my evening and lunch break runs are getting better, so here’s hoping it continues!

  2. Gianna @ Run, Lift, Repeat

    I love surprising runs like that. I have found I regained my speed when I stopped wearing my Garmin and ran by feel so looks like you are on the right track! So much nicer to run without obsessing about splits/pace the whole time.


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