Volunteering + Apartment Updates

Recipe for a good day:

One volunteer day cleaning up a park for Junior League with your besties?


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You want me to move these plants AGAIN?

The Playground Improvement Project is one of our signature NYJL projects — as an organization, we choose one park every year to beautify to make safe for the community. This year, it was Marcus Garvey in Harlem.

Afterwards, not surprisingly, we stopped for a beverage or two.

Pinot Project

$32 at a restaurant for a bottle of wine? Um, hell yeah! We went to Corner Social and sat outside.

And then…on the way back to the subway, there was a Marshall’s. We’ll just dip in for a minute. This can’t be dangerous after a few beverages, right?


I did get some good stuff for my apartment at amazing prices.

Pineapple Pillow


Lobster Pillow

I already had this pillow, but got this throw yesterday.

My apartment is still very much a work in progress, but here’s a few more updates.

Lilly 5x5

I love my Lilly coffee table book — their print studio releases a new design every day on social media, and many of them are in this book. Unfortunately not all of them have made it to dresses yet.

And a peek into my bathroom:


Also can’t find a link to the rug (also got at Marshall’s yesterday!), but here’s the shower curtain.

I’m getting there! Still looking for: rugs, lamps, a new duvet cover…and tchotkes.

OH! AND PRO TIP: I found Jack Rogers for half off at Marshall’s in Harlem.

Tell me your fave places to pick up home stuff!

2 comments on “Volunteering + Apartment Updates

  1. Tracy Schwartz

    Love the shower curtain!

    Home Goods and Housing works were my go to when living in NYC! { some proud DIY} projects came from Housing Works!

    So great about volunteering at the Park!


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