A Jane Austen Sunday


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Got your attention, right?

So, last we spoke, I had had a SHIT-TASTIC day DNF-ing the Brooklyn Half.

Luckily the rest of my weekend was relaxing and fun: Saturday afternoon, I got my highlights done and Saturday evening I met friends at Cobble Hill Immersion, basically a pub crawl organized by Brooklyn Brewery.

Yesterday, my friends and I had a lovely little Jane Austen day.

It came up recently that we were all reading the same book, Eligible, a “modern re-telling” of Pride and Prejudice. To be honest, I haven’t touched P&P since high school, so I could use a refresher and will probably read it next! I really enjoy Curtis Sittenfeld’s writing style and wry observations.

We decided we’d see Love and Friendship, based on Austen’s novella Lady Susan, and it was HILARIOUS. (FYI, it’s free to read if you’re a Kindle user!)

We followed it by brunch chez moi since the theater was close to my apartment. 

Frittata Recipe

I made a simple frittata with kale and cherry tomatoes, and served it with bacon, fruit and gluten-free muffins I bought at Trader Joe’s for a g-free friend. (In this group of friends, every single one of us has an allergy or intolerance. I thought I’d done so well but they were made with almond meal, and Lacey is allergic to tree nuts. I tried…)


Thank god it’s strawberry season again!!!


It’s always Bailey season.

Lila Canned Wine

And it’s finally rosé season again. The Lila wine people sent me a bunch of these little cans of wine, and we tried them out with our brunch. 10/10 would wine again. In fact, I can’t wait to bring these little guys to the beach this summer. (I hear they could be great to sneak into the movies, too. You know, theoretically.)

(Also: friends tolerate your blog pics; best friends stage them for you without you even asking.)

IMG 4609

They also help you take totally casual, non-posed cooking pictures. 

Do you book club? What have you read lately?

7 comments on “A Jane Austen Sunday

  1. Caitlin

    Your hair is gorgeous!!! I need to get my highlights redone – where do you go? Also, the rosé looks divine and I might need to pick some up for my sister’s upcoming beach weekend bachelorette party.

  2. Elizabeth H.

    I recently read Eligible, and loved it–I’m a Jane Austen fan, and Curtis Sittenfeld is one of my absolute favorite authors, so it was the perfect combination!

  3. Beks

    I LOVE Jane Austen. It’s almost a sickness, really. Eligible is on my list, but I’m still on the fence about Curtis Sittenfield (I’ve read three of her books). I can’t wait to see Love & Friendship. 🙂
    I’m in a sci-fi book club at my library called Worlds Away. We first read “The Night Circus,” which was amazing, then we ready some steampunk zombie novel which was forgettable, and now we’re reading “Ready Player One,” which has a lot of 5-star reviews on Goodreads. I’m a bit scared, because I keep getting disappointed by books. 🙁


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