In Defense of the 10K + GIVEAWAY

Hello, my name is Theodora, and I am addicted to half marathons. I find them challenging, yet an achievable goal without a huge time commitment.

But what about their little sister, the 10k? While I like to say that most people can run a half marathon, not everyone wants to. It still can be a time commitment that you either can’t make or choose not to make. Many of our users at work are new to working out, and to them even a 5K is huge. One of my good friends ran her first 10K this fall and was SO EXCITED, as she should have been.

I think some of us crazy distance runners get caught up in the high mileage and forget what awesome distances and achievements these shorter races can be. And, if you’ve ever tried to race a 10K, you know it’s NOT EASY.

I actually have two 10Ks coming up — and one of them that I have an extra entry for!

I’m running the Newport Liberty 10K (as part of a long run, and courtesy of the race) this Saturday, and I have an extra bib (I know, sorry last minute) for one of you!

I’ve run the half a few times, and I really enjoy it. It’s smaller than some of the NYRR races I usually run but still very well-organized, and it has great views of NYC. PLUS, the races are well-priced — this one is $33, or $75 if you register for this + the half in the fall. UM HI, AMAZING.

If you’d like to run this…leave me a comment below about your favorite race distance and why. Enter by 5pm tomorrow (May 11), and I’ll pick and email a winner tomorrow night.

8 comments on “In Defense of the 10K + GIVEAWAY

  1. Samantha Gattsek

    Admittedly I love the half marathon distance, but when you have a bad race it is a LONG time to suffer! I love the 5k because either way, it’s quick and the suffering is short 🙂

  2. Valerie

    Hi Theodora! I would LOVE to run the 10K! I’m running Brooklyn as well so it would be an awesome way to get my last long run in!!!

    sorry for the delayed comment! Hope there’s still an opportunity!

    1. Valerie

      Oh, and my favorite distance is a 10 miler. I am also a crazy distance runner, having done 23 half marathons and 2 marathons. The 10 miler is just such a good distance, mathematically it’s easy to do countdowns (am I the only one that becomes brilliant and percentages during races?) and it just doesn’t seem to deplete energy as a half marathon does.

  3. Kelly

    Hi! I too love a good half marathon, but my favorite is actually the 15K. It’s just under 10 miles and since I always find miles 9-11 the WORST in a half marathon, the 15K gives me a sense of accomplishment just before the worst part. It’s also a good distance you can truly race. They’re hard to come by though! I’ve run a marathon, five half marathons, twelve 5ks, two 15Ks but never a 10K! It’s a distance that kind of scares me but I’m ready to overcome it! Running a marathon in two weeks, so this would be a great a taper run for me!

  4. Jen O

    My favorite distance that I’ve raced is the 5k, but I’m training for a half marathon right now that I’m SO excited for!! A 10K would be the perfect long run for me this weekend 😀

  5. Jen O

    Forgot to mention that my favorite distance is the 5k because aside from one 4-miler, it’s the only one I’ve done! Obviously I’m newer to distance running!

  6. Maggie

    I’d love to run the 5k on Saturday, though my personal favorite distance is the 10 miler! Something about those extra three miles really kill me in the half 🙂

  7. Melissa

    I’ve never run ANY race, so a 10K sounds incredibly daunting!

    I’m totally impressed by anyone who runs a race, regardless of distance!


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