This Week’s Wind Down


Greetings from my couch in my snowflake jammies (WTF, May?) and a cozy sweatshirt. I usually love doing nothing on Friday nights, but tonight I really needed it.

At the end of a long week, Jordan and I usually turn to each other and go “was this just a week? Or a whole month?” This week…one of those?

There were some great up moments and big downer moments amidst normal work and life stress.I spoke to the entire company about our Facebook Live initiative I’m working on (you can catch our workouts for free every weekday at 9AM EST on our Facebook page — AND even felt really confident about it. We had a fun work happy hour on Wednesday that got us out of the office by 4:30 (so, basically, morning.)

My company’s bought into social media in a big way lately, which means there’s more interest than ever in what I do. Our CEO presented to his CEO (our company is owned by a parent company) about one of the major things I’m working on, and I spent a good portion of Wednesday and Thursday in serious number-crunching mode. (Which is actually one of my fave parts of my job — I love measuring the impact of what I’m doing to see if it’s working or if I need to change strategy.)

But today was Alex’s (one of my work besties) last day. She’s sat next to me or across from me the entire 2.5 years I’ve been at Daily Burn, and she is such a little ray of sunshine. She’s the happiest person I’ve ever met, and was always there for me with a hug, puppy GIF or both when needed. I’m really going to miss her, but I’m really proud of her on taking the next step in her career.

But in my old age, I’m learning the importance of self-care — beyond stuff like getting my nails done or working out that are more parts of my routine than a little something extra to make me happy.

I had Jordan over on Monday night and we made Alex a scrapbook of our best photos from the past three years. Having a good friend over to craft is one of the most relaxing experiences I’ve had in a long, long time.


And tonight, on a whim, I decided to try Heyday, a facial shop near my office. I was exhausted and drained, and I wanted to do something for myself that would recharge my batteries a bit — so I got my first facial. I did just a nice, quick 30-minute facial, and I felt so relaxed, I nodded off a bit during the end — and then I ran into a friend on my way out!

What do you do for self care when you’re stressed?

4 comments on “This Week’s Wind Down

  1. Naomi

    I take my pup out for a long walk and listen to podcasts. Strangely enough it’s been a source of relaxation for me lately and really clears my mind.

  2. Katie

    I need to work on the plans for selfcare, cause I’m on week 6 of overtime and it is not going well. This weekend I played hermit, but Sunday morning I got my butt to yoga, then church/lunch/walk with the family. So starting the week of strong, and hoping it continues!


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