That Time I Did Three Workouts in One Day

As I’ve gotten older, I’ve realized how beautiful saying no can be. I definitely used to overschedule myself, and probably relative to a lot of people, I still do, but I’m learning how to carve out time for myself more and more.

But sometimes a long, busy day is really worth it when you have three irresistible options, you know?

Tuesday was one of those days.

#1. Asics Event // Run with Ryan Hall

I mean hello. Run with Ryan Hall AND check out some new gear? Yes please!


A photo posted by ASICS America (@asics) onJun 14, 2016 at 12:19pm PDT

They were launching DynaFlyte, their newest line of shoes which is a lightweight cushioning shoe. We met in midtown at their showroom to try it and just casually ran through Central Park with Ryan Hall. The shoe felt a bit heavier/clunkier than some of my other lightweight shoes, but I was also given men’s shoes, so that could be why. #bigfootproblems 

#2: Outdoor Fhitting Room with Dara (ok and their other trainers)

Our Daily Burn trainer (which fine we share with Fhitting Room) Dara is amazing. She is this itty bitty little powerhouse, and she is funny as shit. She is so freaking buff (here’s her killer arm workout) that you want to be intimidated by her/want to be BFF at the same time. She and Fhitting Room were doing an outdoor workout down by Brookfield Place…and Ashley knew I wouldn’t be able to resist so grabbed me a ticket.


And then we put her on our shoulders, NBD. (Please note Ashley is like 4 inches taller than me and I was afraid I was going to drop poor sweet Dara because her (light) weight was unevenly distributed between us.)

#3 Daily Burn x Men’s Health @ Soul Cycle

This week is Men’s Health Week, and Men’s Health’s fitness director BJ Gaddour was going to be on our show, so they were kind enough to invite some of Team DB to a special ride they were doing at the Chelsea Soul Cycle (also hi thank you for coming to my ‘hood.)

Anja, one of our OG trainers, was in town, and I couldn’t resist a chance to hang with her…or a free Soul ride, let’s be real.

We took Joey’s class, and he ended on Same Love, which nearly had me in tears on the bike after this weekend’s tragedy.

And now my glutes are EN FUEGO. 

IMG 7866

Oh! And that happened on my watch.


Have any of you trained for a marathon yet with an Apple Watch? Filling those circles is weirdly fulfilling for me…I am tempted to wear two watches to train perhaps.

Most workouts you’ve ever done in a day?

Workout you CANNOT SAY NO TO?

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