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To be perfectly honest, y’all know I never try to hide when things aren’t so good, but it is so much easier to write about the good stuff and to WANT to write more when things are going well. And I feel very happy and lucky right now.

My 4th of July weekend was pretty perfect.

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Friday: worked from home in the morning, took class at the Fhitting Room with part of our Daily Burn crew so we could take the lovely Dara’s class. Hello, I don’t know how to pose or really do anything correctly with a kettlebell. 

Sandy Hook

Saturday: my friends and I went out to Sandy Hook for the day again. 10/10, would beach again. Wait, maybe I should stop talking about it…

Sunday: I got in a nice swim in the morning (it’s become one of my favorite Sunday morning workouts — it’s so quiet and peaceful at the pool, just me and the geriatrics) before hopping on the train to go home for the day/evening. My mom made her spaghetti for the first time since her diagnosis, which is really a better sign than any medical test, if you ask me.



Hello, why am I not on a boat right now?

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Monday: a Junior League buddy had a 4th of July party at her townhouse in Jersey City (um, hi, Port LIberte is GORGEOUS), and then we went out on their boat to watch the fireworks. It was pretty special.

And with one work day down this week, I only have one more to go, and then I head BACK to the beach tomorrow to go out to the Hamptons for a long weekend. These two days are super busy as I try to cram in as much as I can and plan for while I’m out (social media never stops so there’s a whooooole lot of planning for me to do if I am taking ANY time off which is why I end up hoarding vacation days. Tangent?) I finally got rid of some old, well well worn bathing suits and got a new one this weekend. Hello, weird tan lines. I went to probably 5-6 stores and this was the best I could do. I’m going to order another 1-2 from Target/Victoria’s Secret for the rest of the summer, though.

By this time tomorrow night, I’ll be happily exhausted, with a glass of wine in hand, ready to hit the beach instead of the office on Thursday morning.

What’s good in your life lately?

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