The Best Amazon Prime Day Deals Out There

Do you guys Amazon Prime? If you’ve been living under a rock, you pay $99 for the year, but you get free shipping along with some other cool benefits like Prime Video/Music…that I do not use. It pays for itself, though, with the free shipping. 

And today is Prime Day, which means they have all kinds of ridiculous deals. And you can sign up for a free trial just to get these d. Here’s some of both the awesome and the truly ridiculous ones. (Full disclosure: these links are affiliate links.)

OH HELLO $67 Jacks, you’re pretty and nearly half off. I wear these shoes basically every single day in the summer.


Some sneakers, including the New Balance Vazee Agility Training Shoe. I’ve never worn these shoes, to be honest, but I like the other Vazees, so I’d bet these are good, too.

Amazon Paperwhite

$30 off a Kindle Paperwhite and a Fire for $33, HELLO. (Super shameless plug that you can access Daily Burn on the Fire!) I may get a plain old regular Kindle. I have an iPad mini cutie that I read on, but when I’m connected to wifi, it basically operates like a big phone and I get distracted by all the things we get distracted by on our phones and my bath is no longer relaxing. (I do 94% of my reading in the bathtub.) 

YUP, a Squatty Potty. We had a lengthy discussion about this at work on Slack today because my coworkers are also not adults.


And a Segway, why not?!

Cat Sounds Therapy

A cat sounds therapy CD..

And you? Have you bought anything ridiculous today?

Coming tomorrow…a real, heartfelt post with some great news!  

2 comments on “The Best Amazon Prime Day Deals Out There

  1. katie

    I’m not a prime member yet….i haven’t really needed it, but i still like seeing the awesome deals people scored, way to go on the sandals!!


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