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FRIDAY! We made it! Despite heading back to the doc and being put on ROUND THREE of antibiotics, this week went by pretty quickly. Work has been slow the past few weeks and I do not know what to do with that, so I’m actually happy that things are picking back up again.

Four more work days, and I get to head back to the beach for one last long weekend out east. But before then, I have to deal with saying goodbye to my work wife/BFF/former manager/favorite person, as she moves to L.A. It’s a good thing I’m not an emotional person at all. /sarcasmfont

So let’s talk about happier things, shall we? Here’s some of my favorite reads/wants/shops/activities of this week:

The Lilly After Party Sale was Monday, and I obviously couldn’t resist stockpiling a little for next summer. I’m like a squirrel, really. I got this dress for $59 (which is less than half the original cost!) and a new iPhone cover because it was only $14! Although I’d had my eye on this iPhone cover

I’m working on three different articles for work right now, and it makes me really happy. I’ll share the links here when they’re live! They range from yoga to mental health to running — a perfect balance of what I love to write about.

I found this read about the psychology of the adult female sleepover really interesting. “These weekends forge relationships because there’s a common thread — the bride, a short vacation, some sort of an occasion. That thread and the ephemeral bubble of suspended reality are what encourages the bond to seal quickly.”

How to control which ads you see in your newsfeed. I do this almost surgically, and I also love clicking the dropdown that says “Why am I seeing this ad?” to see what kind of targeting these companies are using. Especially work competitors…

Strawberry frosé, HELLO.

Why you need to take a lunch break. I eat at my desk every single day, which I know is not good. However, I also run out in the afternoon to walk my dog, so I tell myself that’s my break? But I know I should eat away from my desk even a bit more. We have a lunch table at the office that a lot of my coworkers do eat at, and I should join them more often.

15 protein ball recipes: I always forget how easy and delicious protein balls are!

7 comments on “Friday Faves

  1. katie

    I did 2 lilly after party purchases, one right away on monday morning, and then a second one that night…. now would it ship already!?!

  2. evelyne

    For some reason I never got on the Lilly bandwagon!

    I’ve noticed more and more that all bloggers seem to just link back and forth to each other (so you link to Anne, Tina, etc), then they link you back, etc). Why? I would expect that a lot of your readership overlaps already (but I could be wrong!) It feels like you got together a couple months ago and mutually agreed to link back and forth on a weekly basis. Why not help your readers find new articles or blogs?

  3. Glen

    Speaking of why you need a lunch break (you probably have a blog on the book topic somewhere), have you read the trilogy of books called Once a Runner, Again to Carthage and Racing the Rain? I’m re-reading them *again*. The first is about a college kid who’s a miler. He’s training to run against the world record holder. The second book – the kid has graduated, has a job and is training to make the Olympic marathon team. I’m just ready to start the chapter about the race. I LOVE how the author describes the races (…and training)! The third is the pre-quel – same kid in elementary and high school – how he became a runner in the first place.

    I mention this simply because I love it when I’m into a book and cannot wait for lunch or bedtime to get a few chapters done. I’m just ready to finish the 2nd book and waiting till have enough time to finish it all at once. Can’t take a break now!

  4. Diana Fitts

    It’s so good to actually take a break during a lunch break! I also get caught up in multi-tasking and feel like I should still be working while I’m eating. Sharing meals is a great way to connect with others though and I’ve found it really beneficial to share with my coworkers during lunch breaks.


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