Richmond Training Log: Week of August 15

I promised I’d get back to sharing my training logs…even if they sucked. Last week was my first week back after being sick, and my training could have been better. Just thinking about what I’m about to write, I know I need to cut some of the extraneous workouts to focus more on the running.

Let’s go!

Monday: Jess had me scheduled to spin, so I went to Flywheel via ClassPass. The last time I went to Flywheel, about a month earlier, my score was a full 40 points higher. Being sick DEFINITELY affected my ride last Monday — my legs also felt super sluggish.

Tuesday: Rest day scheduled!


Wednesday: I was scheduled to be on our #DB365 workout at work. Don’t worry, I put out all the fires with this fire hydrant.

Thursday: lost a battle with the snooze button and had evening plans

Friday: 4 mile AM run with my friend Camille // PM Uplift Sculpt Fusion class for NYJL event

Saturday: Had plans to get out and run 5 before heading to the beach with friends and once again lost the battle with the snooze button. I did surf, though. Sorta workout? The conditions weren’t as good as my first time: SUPER crowded, and with high tide, the waves were really short.

Sunday: Oh man. This run was hell. Had 12 on the schedule but only made it to 10. Once again, I wanted to sleep some more, and I went out too late. I know better than to do this…but I still did. I left around 9:30, and it was already a realfeel of 96 with humidity in the 90th percentile. SWEET running conditions. I fought through those 10 tooth and nail and threw in the towel at 10.

OK, so I didn’t realize I only ran twice last week. That’s not good. It’s time to buckle the eff down. Thankfully I still have another 12 weeks.

This week’s goals:

  • Get all my runs in
  • Don’t overcommit to extraneous workouts
  • Focus on nutrition (I’m guessing Saturday afternoon’s nachos MAYBE didn’t help fuel me the best for Sunday’s run)
  • Focus on sleep (the snooze wars are showing me that may be an issue)
  • Foam roll!

How was your week of training?

7 comments on “Richmond Training Log: Week of August 15

  1. Danielle @ Wild Coast Tales

    I was on vacation this past week and it was definitely a bit harder to get workouts in! I certainly ran but find it much harder to motivate myself to do strength work (when there is no gym nearby) or tough running workouts, like speed training or tempo runs.

  2. Annie

    Don’t stress!! You’ve got this. I’m training for the Philly Marathon in November and this humidity has been killer. I’m assuming that once that goes down, we’ll be Kara Goucher status.

  3. Jess @ Jess Runs ATL

    You know, this is why I love blogging. I know I am going to have to report out on myself and like you, was a bit embarrassed with what I didn’t do – specifically, strength training or eating well. I’ve got to get back on track this week as well. Luckily we still have time until Richmond! I’m going to be looking for your “I hit all my goals this week” recap next week!

    By the way, I started a weekly link-up for training recaps. Since we are both running Richmond, I would love for you to join and link up!

  4. Diana Johnston

    I did a long run on Sunday too and it was also a struggle fest! Btw I’m a long-time reader and doing the Richmond Half. Maybe I’ll see you! Heard great things about both the half and the full so hopefully it’s a fun weekend!


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