New C9 Target Leggings + Dancing with the Rockettes!

I’ve done some pretty damn amazing things in the eight years I’ve lived in NYC, but what I’m about to tell you about is definitely up there in the top five. 

One of my coworkers got invited to an event at Radio City Music Hall to dance with the Rockettes. She had another event that night. “You…wouldn’t want to do this, would you?” she asked. UM HELL YES. 

My inability to dance has been exceptionally well-documented on this little site, but, hey, I’m always down for an adventure.

The event was sponsored by Target to celebrate the launch of their new C9 Champion leggings, which come in three styles: Freedom, which are built for comfort when running/spinning and have anti-chafe seams; Embrace, which have compression and are designed for HIIT/Rockette dancing; and Flawless, to smooth and shape. We were sent all three but I’ve so far only tried the Embrace for this dance workout. I would, without a doubt, buy more of these leggings. At a ~$25-30 price point? HELL YES.

Super natural, right?!

To be honest, I was super nervous. Would I be the worst one? But I let all that go when I walked in because, yes, I was the worst one, but omg did I have SO MUCH FUN. 

We started with learning parts of Baby It’s Cold Outside. Dancing like a (total, complete, utter) fool at a crazy special experience? TO CHRISTMAS MUSIC? With a friend to the front and to the side? I was giggling like an idiot.

The Rockettes were total champs, though, at teaching a bunch of fitness editors how to do their jobs. They rehearse six days a week, six hours a day. GOOD GOD!



The kick line is actually so much harder than you’d think!


But, I got to have fun with my sweet friend Christine.

We followed the class with a tour (open to the public, but still probably not something I ever would have done) and then we were treated to a cocktail party (in leggings, natch) in the super fancy Roxy Suite.

I believe I floated home in happiness. 

ALSO, I looked out of curiosity, you can take a class with the Rockettes if you want! 10/10, would dance again.

Outfit Details:

Leggings: Embrace Must-Have Tights

Tank: Long Tank Top (I don’t usually wear long shirts but I really liked this one!)

Sports bra: Strappy Cami Sports Bra (Super cute, but hello, I have boobs. Did not really work.)

4 comments on “New C9 Target Leggings + Dancing with the Rockettes!

  1. Cateline Gomez

    This is the first time I am reading your blog. Love your story.
    I completely believe in losing weight the fun way! There are so many FUN ways to lose weight. It does not have to be a 2 hour workout in the gym or 30 mins jogging on the treadmill. Not everyone likes that. There are so many forms of dance, or sports or outdoor activities that one could choose to be active and healthy.


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