Happiness at the U.S. Open

I’m so glad I blogged about my annoying sinus issues last night — writing is always so cathartic to me, even if it is hard to talk about issues sometimes. (I also don’t know why I have a harder time talking about my physical health than my mental health? But here we are.)

I came home from a yoga class in a salt chamber (more on that soon!) to hear that Serena Williams had just been upset by Karolina Pliskova — what?! I’m on my couch now watching Wozniacki (please win please win!) play Kerber, and I’m in my happy place. I don’t watch a ton of sports, and truthfully, I don’t follow tennis much outside of the Open, but the Open brings me back to my childhood, AND I like the almost meditative sound/motion of the ball going back and forth. Before I actually knew what meditation was, I would just imagine the ball going back and forth to calm myself down. Weird? Maybe.

Any year I go to the Open is a good year. (OK, I think that’s every year.) Going twice is amazing. This year, I will be going a total of FOUR TIMES. I know I am an extraordinarily lucky lady.

U.S. Open

I went the very first night of the tourney last Monday with Meg with tickets from an insane Amex presale deal OH HELLO. They do a whole opening ceremony on the first night complete with live performances (Phil Collins?!) and singing of the National Anthem (Leslie Odom yes please!) This is all awesome, but the matches didn’t start till nearly 9p, meaning we didn’t get on the train till after 11. Thank god for honey deuces.

Honey Deuce

Speaking of…their signature cocktail is my lucky charm, apparently. (If you’re not in NYC — here’s the recipe.)

Two years ago, my friend Courtney and I posted a ridiculous selfie, and I won tickets from Emirates, one of the sponsors.

Last week, I was lucky enough to go with Chase, one of the sponsors (more on that when I can recover my memory card from my computer). So, I might have been there on a Tuesday afternoon and had to go back to work after, but, when in Rome, right? Obviously I got a Honey Deuce and obviously I Instagrammed it.

And YET AGAIN, I won!!! I woke up in a glass case of emotion the next day because my work BFF Jordan was leaving but was happy to see that I HAD WON TICKETS FROM GREY GOOSE (another sponsor) because they liked my Instagram, and I’m going back Sunday!!

Moral of the story, folks: always Instagram your Honey Deuces.

Oh, and I’m also going to a party on Saturday with Andy Roddick to watch the women’s finals, casual. (JK not casual at all, I CANNOT WAIT.)

33-year-old Theodora cannot believe her good fortune; 13-year-old Theodora is straight up DYING.

What sport/tournament would you be this excited about?

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