Visiting the U.S. Open with Grey Goose + Chase

I’m currently watching the U.S. Open Women’s Finals on my couch on the Tennis Channel. Nope, no problems here…

I had some amazing experiences at the U.S. Open that I wanted to share with y’all/document here.

Kei Nishikori

On the second day, I was lucky enough to attend with Chase. We had grounds passes, and we were able to get into all of the amazing lounges and had COURTSIDE seats in the grandstand. Oh hello Kei Nishikori. I could actually see his sweat, we were so close.

Grandstand US Open

Oh hey there chair umpire.

Ballboy US Open

BRB, quitting my job to become a ballgirl. (I was always curious what you had to do, so I just looked it up.)

Chase Charge and Watch

Chase also had this super cool charge & watch gadget you could use while on grounds. It (obviously) charges your phone, but you can connect it with the U.S. Open app to watch other matches anywhere on grounds.

Honey Deuce Grey Goose

And obviously I had a Honey Deuce…which ended up being my ticket BACK the following Sunday for the women’s doubles finals. Man, I forgot how hard doubles are — you really have to communicate with your partner…or lose/get hit in the head.

That next Saturday…Chase again invited me back, this time to watch the women’s singles finals (yep, same one I’m watching right now) from the Chase Lounge. 

Chase Lounge Andy Roddick

We drank more Honey Deuces, hobnobbed with Andy Roddick as he Periscoped the match live, and it was amazing.

Followed only by…

Returning the NEXT day with my friend Courtney courtesy of Grey Goose…for a little surprise with Andy Roddick AGAIN. NBD.



Wow 🙂 And here’s the long version of it. And, yes, I saved the dress I got in the Lilly After Party Sale just for the occasion. On a sidenote — a lot of these bloggers were using mirrorless cameras. I do love my Canon, but it is HEAVY. Are these mirrorless cameras where it’s at, and should I get one for Australia? 

Only 50 more weeks until the U.S. Open is back…

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