My New Favorite On-the-Go Breakfast Option

This post is sponsored by OLLY. All opinions and dumb jokes are my own.


Eight years ago, I moved to NYC to follow my dreams.

Seven years ago, I became one of those weirdos who “feels off” if they don’t get their workouts in.

Four or five years ago, I became even weirder: I started to have to get my workouts in in the morning, thrilled at the relative calm it gave me to face the day.

Along the way, I started working longer hours, taking on more volunteer commitments, running longer races — and more things that ate up my time. (Oh, and I’m single, so I attempt that dating thing too, sometimes.)

To be honest, I attribute some of the weight I’ve gained back over the past few years to getting away from cooking as much as I used to. I’m getting better at lunches and dinners, but breakfast can still be tricky for me. 99% of the time, I really want eggs, but they don’t travel super well, and I’m usually either heading straight to work after a workout or heading out to our studio in LIC by 8am and need to eat en route.

I actually happened to be looking into different on-the-go breakfast options when OLLY reached out to me.

Olly smoothie

Their plant-based protein smoothie powders are pretty damn delicious and good for me (oh, and easy to travel with.) They’re plant-based, vegan and gluten-free — but most importantly, they don’t taste chalky like other options I’ve tried. They have a hint of sweetness, but not nauseatingly so or in an artificial way. I can shake ‘em up in a blender bottle or use them as a smoothie base and be out the door.

Olly smoothie

Believe me when I say I’m not typically the type who can stay full from a smoothie. I like to chew. (It sounds weird, but you know you do, too, come on.) But I’ve managed to have these before an 8am workout and not get hungry until noon — when I typically start thinking about lunch, oh, when I wake up.

Want to try the smoothies for yourself? They’re doing a sweet giveaway! Enter here for a chance to win a six-month supply of smoothies, $500 gift card to Target, Harley Pasternak Blender and $200 Athleta giftcard. Just for playing, EVERYONE will get a $5 coupon to

What’s your favorite on-the-go breakfast for busy mornings?

7 comments on “My New Favorite On-the-Go Breakfast Option

  1. Tracy Schwartz

    Two eggs on a bagel is my favorite breakfast and I can usually eat is warm when I get to the yoga studio. Problem, it’s killing my finances.

    I love Banana, Strawberry, Pineapple Smoothie.

  2. Kate

    Love lara bars for a quick breakfast! I’ve seen these smoothies and target and have been interested in trying them.

  3. Barb

    Ooh..Target and Athleta gift card…my two favorite stores.
    This drink and a few almonds sound like a great breakfast.

  4. Amanda

    You can totally take eggs on the go! I’m an NYC teacher; I get the early AM NYC commute. I bring my breakfast to work every morning, and vary it between eggs/veg and bircher museli (“overnight oats”).

    If you have a microwave at work, you can heat up any of these egg ideas, but they’re also good at room temp:
    – make ahead frittata (either in muffin tins or just sliced up from a large pan)
    – make ahead egg wraps/sandwiches (check out thekitchn for ideas)
    – scrambled eggs (honestly, just scramble them quickly and throw them in a container)
    – make ahead hard boiled eggs (steaming makes them easier to peel) – I usually also have cherry tomatoes and some cheddar cheese for a breakfast take on a “ploughman’s lunch”

  5. Andrea

    I have a lot of KIND bars, etc. I don’t like to eat when I first wake up, so usually choose a portable option or hit up the work cafeteria. This smoothie mix looks awesome. I love Olly vitamins, so I can’t wait to try this!


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