Why I Decided to Hire a Personal Trainer

Why I Decided to Hire a Personal Trainer


Personal trainers are expensive.

I know how to work out and what I should be doing. In fact, I’m studying to become a trainer myself.

There’s a million reasons I gave myself why I shouldn’t hire a trainer…

but a few months ago, my friend Leanne, who owns Uplift, told me she wanted to give me a free session, since I’d just referred a bunch of business her way.

(In terms of full disclosure since I do talk about them so much: I did a partnership with them several years ago, but since then, I’ve always paid for my own classes, save for a free class or something they throw my way every once in a while.) 

I’d worked with her before when I did that photo shoot for Propel, and I knew I liked her style. We sort of share a brain sometimes so she knows exactly what to say to me to motivate me when she knows I’m going to a negative place. So I took the free session from her, and of course I decided to keep going. I’m going to Australia (have I mentioned that? no, right? :)) in JUST A FEW WEEKS, and I want to feel good about myself and how I look in photos on this once-in-a-lifetime trip.

So, I’ve been training with Leanne for about two months. They have a “happy hour” special, which means their off-peak training sessions are cheaper, so I go around lunchtime once a week. 

AND IT’S AMAZING. (Obviously.)

I’m as happy with the physical results as I am with the mental results/mindset shifts.

– I’m seeing more definition in my arms (woo!), feeling less fat/bloat around my midsection (my achilles’ heel) and my clothes are beginning to fit a bit better. I can get a little obsessive over numbers sometimes (my Apple watch is my BFF and my enemy…), so I’ve been avoiding the scale as a measure this time around.

– I CAN FEEL MY ABS. Like I said, I typically have a little blubber covering them, so I have a hard time feeling my ab muscles. I can feel them and engage my core, which feels refreshing.

– I’m focusing. I’m writing down my workouts in my bullet journal and really taking a look at the structure of the week. How many cardio sessions? How many strength sessions? I’m trying to stick to just a few workouts so I can see results, rather than doing workouts willy-nilly. I do like ClassPass, but it can be distracting to my goals.

– And I’m being more mindful. I’m trying to cut back on gluten because I feel bloaty when I have it, but I’m trying so hard to not be all-or-nothing. I’ve really been thinking as I reach for a snack or choose a meal: do I really want this? (That’s typically when I’m deciding whether or not to eat something lacking nutritional quality.) This also has included significantly cutting back on wine…most of the time. 

– I’m being more efficient. I downloaded this treadmill/lifting program, and I love the short, intense workouts.

– I’m getting STRONG! Which is so much fun. I’m lifting heavier weights — both with Leanne and on my own. 

Have you ever worked with a trainer? What kind of style motivates you in workouts?

7 comments on “Why I Decided to Hire a Personal Trainer

  1. Kim

    So awesome. Yay to getting stronger and feeling good in your body! And you know I love giving up the scale as a measurement and being more mindful (not restrictive) in food choices. Get it girl!

  2. Kaelin

    I dont think having a trainer is ever a bad idea. Or at the very least, a training program to follow if you do have specific goals. I LOVE the treadlift program. I joined JillFit’s year long training program and really love it, too. Her stand on getting fit, food, and mindset are sooooo welcome after years of “plan hopping” and meal plans. You’re doing great!

  3. katie

    In college I’d hire trainers every year or so, it was great (and dad was paying the bill) now I haven’t in a long while, but I’d have to join a gym to hire a trainer…so for now I’ll keep with the self monitoring of my corepower classes and lunch break/weekend runs. I’ve ignored the fitbit and not attempted my 10k a day in a few weeks, but I know I need to get back into it.

      1. Katie

        @Theodora Blanchfield: I’m in Brisbane, but a shot drive to the Gold Coast / Sunny Coast and I’m in Cairns a lot. The Whitsundays is insanely beautiful – great decision, just make sure you reapply sunscreen with precision – you can go from 0 to burnt in half an hour.


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