The Best AND Most Ridiculous Way to Spend My 34th Birthday

Last weekend, I turned 34. (I was 26 when I started this blog — crazy!)

I’d noticed a few weeks ago that Iliza Shlesinger was playing at Foxwoods on my birthday, and thought that sounded like such a fun way to spend my birthday — doing something totally different and ridiculously fun and cheesy. 

On Friday night, I did happy hour with a big group of people at Beecher’s (will age for wine and cheese), and on Saturday afternoon, my dear friend Meg and I drove up to Foxwoods. It’s good to have friends who are down for your crazy ideas.


Friends who give you magnums of bubbly are keepers, also.

I went to Dream Dry for a blowout before leaving — with a stylist named Theodora! It took me 34 years to meet another Theodora. She was not a unicorn. (I have not believed people who say they know another Theodora, because I had never met one.)


Don’t stand between Meg and her bathrobes. We called the desk to ask for bathrobes and they said we could only get them in the suites. WTF?


I think our best attempt at fitting in at a casino was just wearing more makeup than usual. You can take the girls away from the Junior League…but you can’t take the Junior League out of the girls.


I took this as a perfect opportunity to wear my favorite jumpsuit (similar) and Stuart Weitzman heels. (Good news, the girl who wears workout clothes 90% of the time did not trip in her heels.)

Not only did we see the hilarious Iliza (watch her Netflix specials!), but Kate the Wasp, another fave comedian of mine, opened for her. HELLO, yes please.

We had a drink before the show, and then spent the rest of the night having dinner, people watching and more people watching.


Like the adults we are, we bought sparkly wine cups and brought them back downstairs with bubbles…that we’d brought back from New Zealand. If my birthday is not a special occasion for wine I carried from across the world, I don’t know what is.

IMG 0918

I woke up with my one true love, bubbly.

Driving Foxwoods

And then, because I was born in February and live in the Northeast…I had to drive back in the snow. What should have been a 2-hour drive, took 4. When I hadn’t driven in the snow in exactly 10 years…I’M ALIVE! And, because Foxwoods is ridiculous and awesome, there was a Vineyard Vines outlet and I got my dream hat. 

Oh, and birthday burpees are a thing we do at work, so I filmed burpees in a casino. Is that weird?


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How did you spend your last birthday? I’m glad I did something random and different.

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  1. Alison

    Happy birthday! I am a jumpsuit girl and I LOVE that one.

    That’s kind of funny that you’ve never met another Theodora — I’ve known a few (and I’m not lying!). Actually I just Googled one I went to HS with and connected with her on LinkedIn!


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