Some Friday Faves

Bondi Beach

Happy Friday!

If it’s Friday and this is a blog, I should tell you about some things I’m loving, eh?

Well, I am built for comfort, not for speed, so here’s a bunch of things I’m loving that have made me comfortable and cozy lately.

These Reebok sweatpants. In fact, I’m wearing them right now.

I’m obsessed with Jack Rogers, I’ve mentioned that, right? I’ve basically given up on any summer heels/wedges. If I can’t wear Jacks, I don’t wanna go. 

This one’s just for my blondes. You know how your highlights go from OK to “omg I need to make a hair appt ASAP?” No, me neither… but I like this dry shampoo that also helps cover my roots until my colorist can get me in next week… 

Related to dirty hair, when I don’t wash my hair, I almost always curl it now. When all my blogger friends were writing about the NuMe curling wand, I was a total sheep and bought one, and I regret nothing. It took me 33 years to learn how to curl my hair, but it was worth the wait. I typically start with the dry shampoo, curl it and then use Bumble + Bumble spray. (In fact, that’s what I’m going to do as soon as I finish this post.)

Things I’m great at include torturing myself, so here’s a moody playlist I’ve been listening to on repeat lately. 

Throughout the years, I’ve been lucky enough to try out quite a few running shoes. The other day I went to a Brooks Global Running Day event where we were gifted these Brooks Glycerin 15s. To be honest, Brooks shoes have never worked for me in the past, but these are nice and cushy and were comfortable for the 3 miles we ran in them. I could also live in these New Balance Fresh Foam Zantes, and I sort of have as of late. They’re great running shoes (I ran the Brooklyn Half and my tri last week in them, but they’re also cute lifestyle shoes.)

I’m SO excited for my first beach day this weekend; clearly I had to replenish my flash tat stash since I used the last of them teaching our Australian friends our flash tatting ways out on the Great Barrier Reef. I regret nothing.

For probably 10 years, I’ve worn the Burberry Classic perfume, which I’m pretty sure they don’t even make any more. At the Bobbi Brown sample sale a few weeks ago, I picked up the Bobbi Brown Beach perfume, and I’m obsessed. It smells just like the beach, so it makes me super happy and I probably wear too much of it because I just want to channel the beach…and also I have a terrible sense of smell.


What are you loving lately?

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  1. kimberlee

    What type of Bumble and Bumble spray do you use. The link you used is for the wand that you mentioned in the paragraph before. Thanks for your help!


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