Shopping on the Brain…


Did you also buy a ton of crap this weekend?

No, me neither…

I’ll admit that most of my shopping was for me, but hey, it’s stuff that makes me happy…so…mental health? (Can I submit these receipts to my insurance?)

Here’s a few of my fun purchases. And to new readers…I am all about the Christmas season so this is essentially a Christmas blog until January. Consider yourselves warned. 

Old Navy (which is currently doing 50% off EVERYTHING)

Sparkly Workout Pants — why yes, I did wear these to OTF today and chicked the dude on the treadmill next to me, thank you for asking.

Llama jammies — definitely not wearing these right now… 

Llama socks — also not wearing these right now… 

Christmas Decorations

Christmas Tree

I decorated my tree yesterday!!! So pro tip for New Yorkers (with a little extra room in your budget, tbh, because this isn’t quite the most budget-friendly but was worth it for me): NYC Trees will deliver and set up your tree — and also include the skirt and stand. I had a crappy experience with tree delivery and putting it up myself last year, so this was worth it for me this year.

Last year, my college roomie Jen helped me shop/decorate my tree. (I am like a child shopping for Christmas ornaments, so I need a little adult supervision here to stick to a vision.) We decided on red + silver as a base with the sentimental ornaments mixed in. I like to think my tree is like me: kinda classy, kinda ecclectic.

I seem to have lost a bag of ornaments in the past year (I have no idea why, nothing happened this year), so I picked up some more to supplement.

Michaels was having some killer sales, so I got these awesome balls there. 

And then Meg suggested we go look at the new Pottery Barn around the corner from me… 

Hello sweet mouse!

And this gorgeous one that has its own lights.

UM THIS ONE WAS NOT THERE YESTERDAY. (Just took a break from writing this post to order.)


J. Crew: 40% off with code SHOPFAST

Nume: This is where I got the wand that makes my hair magically wavy/curly. (My best friend also thinks it looks like, well, not a curling iron…but anyway.) I have the 25mm barrel; I just ordered the 32mm. They’re doing 30% off with code CYBER30

Beautycounter: These cute little hair travel sets (I also just bought these…for me…my gift giving is going real well) are on sale and will probably run out! I’m also going to run my spend $100, get a free lip conditioner (if you fwd me your receipt at through Christmas. 

Bloomingdale’s: 25% off a whole lot, including these Aqua cashmere sweaters.

Amazon Echo: marked down to $79 from 99. Question! I’m considering one of these hands-free speaker doodads — are they worth it? Do you use yours? Is there one you’d recommend over this one?

Kindle: For $50, you can’t go wrong, right?!

What are you eyeing? I’m also going to try to come back tomorrow to talk about Giving Tuesday and the charities I’m supporting.

6 comments on “Shopping on the Brain…

  1. Laura

    I really like my Echo. Beyond asking questions, I use it to turn the security system on / off, adjust the thermostat up or down, play music, and most importantly to you right now, turn my Christmas lights on and off 😉

    I also have a UE Boom that I like to use to play music in the bathroom when I’m showering / getting ready. It’s super small and portable but packs a big sound.

  2. Sara

    Omg, those sparkly pants are amazing!! WANT. I hope they restock more sizes soon!

    Although, perhaps this is a sign that I need to stop buying myself things & actually get my Xmas shopping done for others… ha.

  3. DJ Patterson

    Thank you for sharing! Besides the sparkly pants most of your suggestions are pretty good ideas. I done the shopping thing focusing on getting Christmas lights and decorations up. I really respect you for your weight loss convictions. Keep up on fighting the fight for weight loss. DJ


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