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Literally every single time I take a yoga class, I think “I should do this more.”

My energy levels have been pretty low this month. Call it grief and low-level dread of the holidays, call it depression, call it too many cookies and wine (jk there is no such thing), call it a mild Vitamin D deficiency, but I really just want to spend a ton of time in bed.

I know I always feel better when I work out, so I’ve been trying my best to stick to working out — while also being gentle with myself and honoring my body and mind.

So some days, that looks like Orangetheory; some days that looks like 10 minutes of a Daily Burn video at home; some days that looks like a good yoga class.

I love the soulful and mindful — I do yoga 80% for my mind, and 20% to get a good stretch in.


Feeling particularly lethargic on Saturday, I knew I needed to do something. But also that it needed to be really close to my apartment if I was actually going to go. I didn’t have it in me to get on the subway there and back and spend an extra hour to and from.

A little search on Classpass, and I found Yogamaya, which I somehow never realized was around the corner from me? And they have a Yoga for Athletes class? Where have you been all my life? (Probably right under my nose.)

I walked in, and I loved the zen of the dark wood paneling. I could tell immediately I was into their vibe.

And the class was amazing, too. The instructor, Briana Aguilar-Austin (whom I now have a massive yoga girl crush on), is also a marathoner, so she knows. what’s. up. The class was more active than a restorative yoga class, but we did some restorative poses, and the emphasis was on not being a hero, so we relied heavily on blocks and straps.

My favorite exercise we did (it’s not quite a pose?) was standing with our backs to the wall with our foot on a yoga block on the wall to release our hamstring. (Try this one at home, seriously.) I stumbled off the wall with my legs all jelly-like.

After doing a lot of competitive research on studios and instructors when I was at my last job, I learned to listen to how well instructors cued, and Briana’s cueing was spot-on — good enough for you to both be able to follow what you’re doing and to be able to hear when a slight tweak might help you get deeper into a pose. And she had an excellent command of the room, spotting immediately when we needed alignment shifts. My only critique of the class is that it wasn’t to music…which was a little odd. I know music isn’t the focus of this kind of class, but some soft music would have helped.

10/10, would yoga again.

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  1. Alyssa

    Can you give a visual of ‘standing with our backs to the wall with our foot on a yoga block on the wall to release our hamstring’ I can’t picture it but am SUPER interested.


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